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  • hey ghislan...welcome to! i hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing some of your posts soon! god bless you, and i hope you enjoy the site! --mariam--
  • hey larry! welcome to! i look forward to seeing some of your posts soon, and by the way, im glad to hear you've joined the coptic church, anyways god bless you and i hope you enjoy this site! --mariam--
  • hey biboy...welcome to! my name is mariam, im 13 and i live in minnesota! i hope to see some of your posts soon and look forward to getting to know you :)
    in HI?? Comment by copticmariam August 2005
  • hey john! im sure you'll make plenty and plenty of new friends here! i look forward to seeing your posts! and if you want someone to chat with and you have AIM or an email we can chat, just private message me, anyways god bless you! and i hope you m…
  • hey, i learned about this at bible camp, funny coincidence, anyways we learned and memorized these verses out of matthew, But I tell you, do not swear at all, wither by heaven, for it is God's throne, or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by …
  • wow that was really great...thanks for sharing that with us! it was really cool ;D god bless! *mariam*
  • hey, i know life may seem tough right now, but im sure it will get better sooner or later....god is always there with you and your family, the best guess i have is to why this is happening to you would be that god thinks you and your family is stron…
  • hey, i know everyone has already answered to this, but i just wanted to add thay i agree with everyone that we are all brothers and sisters in gods eyes so we should treat everyone like family...anyways i hope i was of some help to you...god bless a…
  • hey... wow oh wow bentelkenesia! great great work, i know this is a little late of a response, but i just read this and i had to say that you did a wonderful job, thanks for sharing something so nice with us....keep up the good work, and i know this…
    in DT in Comment by copticmariam July 2005
  • fully rely on god....that was really great! thanks for sharing something so informative with us....i really liked it...keep up the good work! *god bless*
  • hey everyone! happy birthday to all :) and my birthday is march 21st by the way ;D **mariam**
  • hey, i watched the passion of the christ 8 is such a sad movie, and each time i watched it i was more and more thankful of jesus dying on the cross for us to save our sins...its such a sad movie, but i still loved it! but if you havent w…
  • hey everyone, wow, this is a good topic, lots of people have replied! i go to st.marys coptic orthodox church of god in minnesota! **mariam**
  • hey everyone! thanks to everyone that has replied...i love getting to know you all! and thanks basketball...for saying this was a good thanks to everyone...and keep posting!! **mariam**
  • thanks fully rely on god! i mean thanks for sending me that thread on peoples churches...i liked looking at it...thanks again....and everyone keep posting!
  • hey nahda#1, im not sure what i can say cuz everyone that has posted something before has pretty much covered everything (good advice everyone) but i guess ill just tell you a little bit of what i think i should add...the first thing i give to you a…
  • hey victor2005...welcome to hope you like it so far! anyways i look forward to seeing some of your posts and once again welcome and enjoy this site! **mariam**
    in hi Comment by copticmariam June 2005
  • thanks everyone for welcoming me...i feel so welcome! lol anyways i love this site soo much...everyone here is wonderful and is soo nice to everyone! anyways thanks again to everyone...i really appreciate it! **mariam**
  • hey coptgirl, to answer your question...i wanna be a doctor in the future...with gods help of course! and im really not sure which college i want to go to but any college that focuses in the doctoring area...sorry i wasnt sure on how to word that bu…
  • hey...thanks everyone that replied to my post...everyones priests sound really cool and nice....thats amazing though...not a single person had one priest at their my church the only priest is abouna youannes...he is such a wonderful pri…
  • welcome michael! im glad you enjoy the site...its great to have you he...i look forward to seeing some of your posts! **mariam**
  • hey allforchrist...this is such a common problem...i think the best advice that i can give you is that you should just sit down with your friend and tell her everything that you're feeling...dont tell her anything but he truth...but remember to tell…
    in Advice Comment by copticmariam June 2005
  • thanks everyone who replied to ym post...i appreciated getting everyones opinion on this...i thought that the better thing to do was to tell the truth in a nice way...but i just wanted to make sure with everyone that what i was thinking was right...…
  • hey caro...i think this is such a great idea...theres too many names to mention right now...but everyone that asked for prayers from people in this prayer chain is in my prayers! and everyone please pray for friend...she is in surgery right now and …
  • ok...i was never sure of this so i thought i should the opinions of everyone on my question is...if someone asks you a question and the only way you can answer it is in a way that would hurt the person's it better to s…
  • hey...welcome to hope you like it and i hope to hear from you soon!
    in hi Comment by copticmariam June 2005