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  • @dg920, Thanks for the clarification bro.. @Remnkemi, I'm awfully sorry I didn't mean to.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Dear @dg920, No more comments but please don't refer to sharat tune in the same sentence with Lent weekdays tune. There is no such a thing. By the way sorry if I had confused you as I didn't mean sharat of Palm Sunday are the same as Lenten ones. @R…
  • Dear @dg920, I'm sorry that I made you so frustrated by what I said in your defence of cantor Ibrahim. Ok, I won't argue anymore. Just one point though, construction of psalm 150 on Lenten sharat in the ceremonial of the Cross or Palm Sunday is agai…
  • Dear @dg920, Can you refer me to a recording of upper Egypt sharat? Secondly let's not label everything Cairene vs Alexandrian vs upper Egypt etc. Cantor Ibrahim's hymn is flawed whatever the source is. There is nothing like a hymn with half of the …
  • @minatasgeel, Now I am the one who is more confused. Referring to cantor Zaher's and Towfik's style we could fit the words relevant to the Lordly feasts easily. That's not an innovation.. do you understand what I mean now?
  • @minatasgeel,Construction of words on recognised tunes is not an innovation...oujai khan ebshois
  • We go by cantor Zaher.. construction on sharat doesn't seem to be a good idea especially when you say half of the verse in a long tune and the other half faster.. hehe.. never experienced that before.. innovation.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • @qawe, Completely went over my head.. hehe.. sorry man.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Ok dear @qawe.. I still don't understand if you are referring to an incident in the UK or USA. I thought initially you had meant the latter, but it doesn't matter anyway.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • @qawe, No, of course I was not aware of that incident you mention, but not sure if Anba Anthony was referring to it at all.. I do also take your point on charity events but muslims and people with other religions attend, so for me choosing such grou…
  • The difference is people invite those groups and pastors for charity events that are open to non-Christians too. Not church worship. These charity events are not organised in churches anyway.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • @Remenkimi, I never understood it to be something to separate us from God or stop us from entering into union with Him as long as we learn the lesson of steadfastness that God will rank us higher if we do. I know you inferred it that way because of …
  • @Remenkimi, Trust me there are priests who do that especially in Egypt. I believe in the diaspora people are pampered. The only principle is meticulousness and steadfastness in sticking to canons. While I appreciate your reasoning that no such a rub…
  • Shara bastawros, No, nekhora is not exactly the same as meghalo. It borrows quite a bit but not completely the same. Yes most if not all of the ceremonial hymns can be said during communion. For example bebnewma, owran enshosho, etc.. Oujai khan ebs…
  • Nofri rombi emwari Very well explained @Davidschanter and @Remenkimi.. thanks a lot both Oujai khan ebshois
  • Nofri rombi emwari In good Friday we say ebshois afshwbi nai owsotereya atwab, so the word sotereya refers to the Saviour in my opinion. I'm not arguing that Arabic translation has got lots of mistakes anyway. Oujai khan ebshois
  • nofri rombi emwari How on earth can we sing this number of verses or any number in the Coptic church? Copts don't like them full stop Oujai khan ebshois
  • Wow.. God bless his service and give him wisdom and discernment to build the church stronger.. oujai khan ebshois
  • @titl, I thought you were referring to those songs sung during communion. Another thread about the conference deciding on new changes along with charismatic worship oujai khan ebshois
  • @Remenkimi, absolutely right, my mistake.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Charismatic is the term, and @titl you can refer to the other thread on that.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Because people like emotionally enthusiastic songs over boring Coptic notes oujai khan ebshois
  • Yes but soul in Coptic, nafs in Arabic is beseka from the pharaonic ka.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Sorry for my unlearned response of spirit and ghost. Maybe Americans tend to use the latter more than the Brits, but I was born in Egypt before I came to the UK so those subtle English discrepancies are not my field.. oujai khan ebshois
  • @minasoliman, as @Remenkimi pointed out edfa and nifawi spell with a fi but benifi with a fai.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Yes, nifi is the Coptic word for spirit, breath and wind. However the Copts have decided to abandon usage of the word due to its association with pagan practices and used ebnawma instead. Albeit with a bit of difference, akin to the church's dislike…
  • Yes as @Remenkimi said, dwrea, or gift means taio and that's a masculine word so it uses be. oujai khan ebshois
  • Love in Coptic is matmai and that's a feminine word so the article to be used is di. mateshbar is friendship and matareshbar is participation or communing. I need to look up dwrea, and get back to you.. it doesn't work to try to translate Coptic exp…
  • I have it, please contact me on my email: and I will send it to you.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Dear @Remnkemi,Please don't misunderstand what I will say, but while I very much respect your deductions, they are not any thing more. Acts response is Adam. To fit the watos verses of the martyrs and St. Mark is wrong, but has become unfortunately …