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  • Not a bad effort in terms of Coptic. Certainly better than other versions I saw online, albeit still fraught with mistakes.. May God bless all efforts for the glory of His Holy Name..Oujai qen P[c
  • Very well said @minasoliman.. I can't agree more Oujai khan ebshois
  • Thank you very much @minasoliman. Perhaps the teaching then goes that the altar deacons represent the angels with the trumpets??? I agree that the liturgy means we are already in the Kingdom, but I do not think this means we are counted as "saved" a…
  • The practice of old, which I believe is actually correct, is that altar deacons do not greet one another. The reason I think is that they represent angelic hosts who have already made peace and overcome the corporeal problems (yes they were spirits …
  • I don't know perhaps a literal translation would be: "nanef (kalwc) nem ettaiout (pe)"!!!!oujai qen P[c
  • Dear @Daniel_Kyrollos,As @minatasgeel says, we have never been taught the Coptic for such a response. However, @ItalianCoptic makes a very good point. "axion ke dikeon" seems to be plausible, although it is more like "worthy and holy" in more litera…
  • Dear @dflynn, Spelling on the basis of phonetics ought not to be official or general if you will. Do whatever you want with the name you would like to spell, but remember it will only be familiar to yourself only. We discussed the name and answered …
  • Thanks very much @Daniel_Kyrillos
  • Dear @dflynn,No - Yeshua in the Old Testament is either /Iycouc/ or /Iycou/. You will mutilate the name, and insignify the meaning if you use an arbitrary spelling than what we already have. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Hi @Daniel_Kyrillos Why was she decanonised by the Catholic Church? Do you know? Oujai khan ebshois
  • Phewwwwww.. Grazie a Dio. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Burning bush in the feast of the Nativity? That is a strange practice Oujai khan ebshois
  • pe or te does not refer to the subject, but to the object. oujai qen P[c
  • Hi @mnhanna9 I am not exactly sure what statement you are referring to. Brother Antonios made a mistake in using ba rather than te. The reason being that the following word (dihriri) is feminine. Is that what you are asking? Oujai khan ebshois
  • No @Daniel_Kyrillos.. Not absolutely right.. Go back to your kholagy and psalmody.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Dear @mnhanna9 Te is right in both Bohairic and Sa'idic, therefore brother Antonios is mistaken.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Dear @mnhanna9, (te) is right in both Bohairic and Sa'idic. The following word is feminine which is dihriri, unlike "'nto ba bishshin 'nda 'bwnkh" you are the tree of life - tree is masculine as you can see.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Dear @epshiri, There are some groups on Facebook that have helpful snapshot grammar and vocabulary images if you type the word Coptic in the Facebook search. God be with you and come back here, many members can help you too if you have any questions…
  • Oh @minasoliman,You are taking the fasting to a whole new level, according to St. Paul's saying, to enslave the body and corporeal desires (God help those who follow your advice.. hehe). May I just add one point, that one very important aspect of fa…
  • Hi @Daniel_Kyrillos,I don't agree that tenen could be said at any time during the year. But people like it, and they want to sing it regardless of the meaning - oh yes, and I do like the sha'anini tune, and ontwc, and long ]soury (I even avoided cal…
  • I won't be surprised at all, although the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies make a point in recording both the Lord's prayer and the Creed tuneless until the last bit.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • But then is fish not considered an animal? Oujai khan ebshois
  • Thanks @mabsoota Oujai khan ebshois
  • @Girgisantony, how is honey an animal product? Oujai qen P[c
  • Haha.. Please keep me posted if you can.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • I cannot agree more with you.. re-singing tunes in a different language, not only kills the language but also renders the tunes meaningless. For some ILL-EDUCATED reason (I mean the pioneers of this move were ill-educated) translation of hymns into …
  • Hi @mabsoota You won't find "enna fadeena da3ana" in the melodies book. In Arabic it's a book called "al dorrah al orthodoxeya" but I am not sure if it is translated into English in a paper format. It contains melodies like Christ has granted us sal…
  • Dear @Daniel_Kyrillos That's nothing to mention at all, and please keep me and my wife in your prayers always.. Dear @mabsoota I should have said "Christian songs" rather than carols. The book you are talking about containing madayeh (melodies) bu…
  • Dear @Daniel_Kyrillos, 1. Psalm 150 conveys joy as per the verse next to last. It therefore cannot be chanted during baskha (contrary to new flawed teaching which I heard had been changed again) or apocalypse night. Ⲡⲁⲛⲟⲩϯ reminds us of the death of…
  • @Remnkemi +1 Oujai khan ebshois