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  • @Remenkimi, Thanks very much for your comments and explanation on different aspects of modernisation in the church. can you now see how big tv screens, laptops, iPad and the like, and HDMI connections are doing to the liturgy and the Church? oujai k…
  • @Wael_Saad I am the one who commented on Facebook saying the grammar of this sentence needs refining. I hope you would do it as soon as you can Oujai khan ebshois
  • @Wael_Saad Please note that the Coptic you provided above doesn't match the English or Arabic translations.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Well @Cyril there is no harm in you expressing your opinion that long hymns prevent the understanding of theosis and that the faithful rarely attend the relevant parts, and so more emphasis should be drawn probably by changing the current practice..…
  • @Cyril I think Remenkimi brought evidence before about Coptic hymns talking about theosis. I have some examples too.. Oujai khan ebshois
  • Based on prior discussions on the forum I have understood that agbeya prayers started to recently receive more emphasis than was the case previously. Can someone please explain to me how this came about? oujai khan ebshois
  • Are the verses of cymbals as old as the 15 century? I never thought so, or the verbal handing down was rather inefficient! oujai khan ebshois
  • Guys I am so sorry I have been reading your helpful comments but I need a computer to reply thoroughly. I'll do that hopefully tomorrow.. oujai khan ebshois
  • @minatasgeel, abadanhat meaning your hearts.. strange pronoun to be used as a congregation response especially the verse after it switches back to I have sinned.. oujai khan ebshois
  • I think you can send an e-mail to oujai khan ebshois
  • Your principle is right @mabsoota.. I should have known.. oujai khan ebshois
  • I think his name is Abouna Fanous but I don't know which monastery.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Well how can we be sure? We are not God Himself.. suicide has so many different reasons and to pin them all on yourself may be too unfair. But you may still be right. You may be right counting yourself worse than those saints but what you are doing …
  • There are many saints and I mean many who did every sin known to humans over and over again, and when they repented they achieved the kingdom of heaven and God promised them that their lives would be used as great examples. He is the only one who ca…
  • Very interesting dear @mrpete33, thanks a lot oujai khan ebshois
  • Thanks @Remenkimi that would be marvellous.. looking forward to that.. oujai khan ebshois
  • @mabsoota do you mean duh? Haha oujai khan ebshois
  • If the whole liturgy was a one-sided talk, of course then liturgy would be a misnomer, we'll start complaining of the lack of artistic values and getting distracted all the time.. then there could not be any diversity because a talk that should take…
  • So basically advocating the Coptic church in the land of immigration to deviate from the monastic style in Egypt? Use not the unnecessary obligatory Coptic language or hymnody. Why not change segments of the liturgy too? Why call it Coptic in the fi…
  • I mean that in my church Abouna finishes the round of incense and then looks at us to wrap it up with hedan or atranhos.. oujai khan ebshois
  • You once finished Christmas celebration in less than 3 hours? Only once? Lucky you.. oujai khan ebshois
  • Oh.. well done.. your priests let you finish what you want although they are done with their round? Oujai khan ebshois
  • Sorry the acts of course.. thank you @minatasgeel.. what's a hos arof section? oujai khan ebshois
  • Nope.. the original sad Catholic reading for Holy Thursday is not less than 45 minutes.. do you listen to Albair a lot? oujai khan ebshois
  • @Remenkimi, well there's nothing concrete about this, and I just threw my two pence worth.. I still don't think it's hundred gods or ask of God although I agree with you that names are not just based on religious words.. lastly shannowfi is a compou…
  • Unfortunately I cannot use the unicode text, so I will try to be clear, and if I am not please let me know. It makes perfect sense for shanouda to be "son of God", or "belongs to God". None of the other six meanings of "sha" would fit (except maybe …
  • @Remenkimi, you said "We are not hear to pass microphones around for solo performances and esthetics. We are here to sing to God for forgiveness - not to amuse people - and this is the narrow road that leads to life." Fantastic, very well said.. tha…
  • Dear @icowrich, I believe you are mistaken, howa in Arabic or in the qur'an refers to the pronoun he and isn't related near or far to Jehovah. Unless you give me an example that I am not aware of.. @mabsoota, first time I notice the comment you made…
  • @Remenkimi, extremely and exquisitely said.. bravo.. oujai khan ebshois
  • @minatasgeel, what are you saying? I don't expect that from you dear @minatasgeel.. I believe you know what the definition of dogma is. Also remember that Christ has done innumerable things, if all were written St John believed that the books of the…