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  • Hey Mina, I was wondering if you could re-upload this recording because it now says that it has been deleted by user. Please this would be very helpful. Thank You.
  • Yes. Thank you so much.
  • I'm not sure if this can be found in any major resource but what I was taught was that this hymn is split in two tunes: the sad tune and the, for lack of a better word, joyous. The transition can be clearly noticed in I believe the word Alleluia in …
  • Hello St. Pachom, I am going to only answer your question about the psalms because quite frankly I don't know the answer to your other two questions. If you want to find credible sources for the annual psalm you can just do a hymn search here on Tas…
  • Severian, I do strongly recommend "So You Want to Learn Coptic?" By Sameh Younan. I think it's a wonderful book for all those who would like to learn Coptic and in all stages. What I do along with going through the book and doing the exercise, is I …
  • Thank you so much.
  • @aem581, do you know who can connect me to him there? (what church, abouna, etc.) thanks,
  • [quote author=guy link=topic=14440.msg164784#msg164784 date=1369346923] Hi habibi i am a want-to-be moallem, i can attend your wedding. No need for Ibrahim Ayad [/quote] thanks bro, I will keep you at the back of my mind if/when the whole thing with…
  • Go to the hymn you want to listen to. Then, click on any random link on the screen and go back, the Quicktime player should pop up in the middle of the rectangular black box. It works for everything and every time.
  • Well, then why does he wear a watch and some do say he's not blind AND in some videos he's talking to the people normally and looking at them like a person with vision? I'm not trying to prove you wrong because I, myself, don't know.
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=12712.msg149256#msg149256 date=1324339460] Cantor Gad Lewis and I are best friends. We have each other on speed dial and everything. [/quote] Sarcasm?
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=12418.msg145513#msg145513 date=1317582120] [quote author=mshenouda link=topic=12418.msg145512#msg145512 date=1317580891] Hi I was wondering where the hymn Oon Ohelpic is said and if someone could get me a link fo…
  • [quote author=Unworthy1 link=topic=12390.msg145145#msg145145 date=1316914743] mshenouda, Check out this interview with Fr. Mettias conducted by Albair Mikhail in 2003. An English transcript of the interview is included below the video. [/quote] T…
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=12390.msg145133#msg145133 date=1316905848] Abouna Mettias Nasr. [/quote] Thanks for the answer, but could you by any chance tell me more about him?
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=11631.msg139942#msg139942 date=1308519379] [quote author=mshenouda link=topic=11631.msg139937#msg139937 date=1308516548] 3. Could you possibly record all seven verses of "Tenen"? [/quote] there are only four part…
  • 1. How long did it take you to learn all hymns you know? 2. Do you know all hymns of the Church? 3. Could you possibly record all seven verses of "Tenen"? 4. Do you have any tips for deacons trying to learn all hymns of the Church on their own?