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Prayer request
  • Things now are rough...everyday i hear of more and more shootings going on because of the stress of our work/jobs/the economy. The same is with me and my life at the moment, things are rough and i need to change my lifestyle which i know will not be easy; but i know it is necessary. Things academically are really stressing me out because of a few unwise decisions i have made recently and now i am going to try to fix it starting ASAP! So i am just asking for everyone's support and prayers as i get through this mess i have gotten myself into. God help us through hardships and tribulations!

    God bless and thanks in advance
  • May the Lord have mercy on you and grant you wisdom and patience.

    Father Peter
  • May God aid you and strengthen you...

  • The prayers of all the saints man! You'll pull through, have faith!
  • Your in my prayers!!!

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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