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John 1:28 (In ancient GREEK)
  • Hi, am trying to find this verse in "Ancient GREEK".....soooo

    John 1:28
    These things were done in Bethabara F8 beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing.
  • wat is that verse anyways?  and may i ask  y u need it in greek?  ??? ??? ??? ???
  • the verse is in the first post below.
    what i wanted to check is the source of the verse becuase NKJV says "Bethabara", other say Bathney.
  • so after u checked..wich one was right?
  • Bethany is correct, coptic pharaoh, that's what the verse is supposed to say in English, and that's what it says in Greek.
  • Actually, the older manuscripts say "Bethabara". I think it may be a suburb in Bethany?
  • [quote author=clay link=topic=6131.msg88855#msg88855 date=1212029387]
    Actually, the older manuscripts say "Bethabara". I think it may be a suburb in Bethany?

    well that is shown in the arabic and NKJ

    but NOT katameros, and the greek version i have seen from the link provided here, also NIV, NRS...
  • In the Coptic Bible, it says Bethany also. So I think Mina, it would be best to go with Bethany.
  • No. Bethany and Bethany near the Jordan are two distinct places.
  • I would check the orthodox study bible since it's re-translated from greek. They'd probably have the right translation.
  • Αυτά τα πράγματα έγιναν στη Βηθλεέμ πέρα από την Ιορδανία, όπου  βάφτιζε.
  • Ταῦτα ἐν Βηθανίᾳ ἐγένετο πέραν τοῦ ᾿Ιορδάνου, ὅπου ἦν ᾿Ιωάννης βαπτίζων.

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