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Weird Recording for Entho Te tishori
  • Hey Guys if you go to Great Lent hymns and go to Cantor Gad Lewis for the first lesson of Entho Te Tishori the recording when i press play is if it is being fast forwarded when i am not pressing fast forward. If you guys can please fix this as soon as possible it would be appreciated. i am trying to learn this hymn and i really like the way the his lessons are set up. so again if you guys can fix this as soon as possible it would be appreciated. again it is the first lesson Here is the link
  • heyy
    i listened 2 it and i know wat u mean
    i went on a site and found Entho Ti Tishori on da site below   
    just clik on entho te teshori
  • thank you very much it is much appreciated
  • Hey guys i noticed that the recording for Cantor Gad Lewis still sounds like its being fast fowarded. hopefully somebody can fix this problem
  • i dont know how to find tishori:  hiten . ..... baba ava tawadros.............anmba sorial......

    thx kind regards
    Alex ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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