Lent Fractions

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Dearest all,

Does anyone have any articles or commentaries or meditations/contemplations on the Lent fractions BOTH the Sunday and the weekday Fractions?

Some main questions that come up in mind are:

Why is the Daily fraction addressed to the Son and the Sunday addressed to the Father?
What are the important points and lessons that we concentrate on each of the fractions?
Is there a specific pattern of the fractions, and the word "pattern" can mean anything (i.e. I'm keeping this word broad for ANY pattern whatsoever)?

God bless.



  • Anyone?

    In the meantime, I also have a question that has to do with the context of the Sunday Fraction.

    When Christ healed the epileptic and mentioned to the Apostles that "this type cannot be healed except by fasting and prayers," does that mean that this type of possession (as if this seems to be the pinnacle of possessions, since it was this type the Apostles could not handle) needs the diven power behind fasting and prayer, or all types of possession?

    Also I was reading this hymn:

    http://www.coptichymns.net/pagesetter-v ... d-491.html

    And it mentions among other things that Elijah fasted before proclaiming the drought, but I cannot find reference to that. Was it always the habit of prophets to fast and pray when prophecy and wonder-working comes forth?

    God bless.

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