truly risen kama hakan

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hi, does any1 has the text for truly risen? that is kama hakan in arabic but i wan it in english plz?



  • R:- Truly risen is the King of Peace,

    Alleluia, Alleluia to the Risen Lord.

    1- Mary went on Sunday at the time of dawn,

    carrying for the body spice and incense.

    2- She found the stone already rolled away,

    And Christ is risen and He conquered.

    3- But Mary was outside weeping,

    Crying, looking at the empty grave.

    4- She saw Jesus as a strange man,

    Knowing not that He is the Beloved One.

    5- While crying she asked O Master,

    Where can I find my Lord and Beloved.

    6- He said to her O Mary rejoice,

    Go and tell My brothers and My sisters.

    7- Mary went to His beloved disciples

    Proclaiming that Jesus is risen.

    8- Jesus Himself truly came among them,

    And He said to them, "Peace be unto you."

    9- He showed them His hands and also His side,

    They rejoiced in seeing the Beloved Lord.

    10 Alleluia, this news is very true,

    Alleluia, He is risen and He conquered.

    11 Alleluia, for the Savior of mankind,

    Alleluia He has crushed the might of death.

    12 Alleluia risen is the King of Peace,

    Alleluia, Alleluia to the risen Lord.

  • oh thanks a lot God bless you :)
  • hey any of u have the audio to this hymn in the one that goes with the text?


    God Bless
  • i have the arabic audio ? but not the english..would that be of any help?
  • mnc..if princess marys lyrics werent the ones u were lookin for tell me..becasue i know the same sont in another goes a little bit like this..

    prince of peace is risen , he is risen indeed,
    alleluia alleluia the lord is risen...
  • emmm i think this is the 1 i heard yes, and becoz i've only heard it once i forgot it ::)
  • Hi:

    A friend from the Pittsburgh church wants me to send an English recording of Truly Risen, but I don't believe there is one on Tasbeha. Could you make one?

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