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mp3? mass 4 pope Kirillos
  • hi
    i remember that i've read a topic about some1 who asked 4 pope kirillos' liturgy in mp3 file
    but i can't really remember who that was
    i've got some :)
    but.. :-\ i need help 2 load them up cos i tried three times and it says 'error' each time
    so if any1 can help that would be great so all of us can hear 'em
    i'm looking forward 2 some help...ok?!!!
  • that hapened to me one time just restrt your comp. and it might work!
  • i tried and it's still not working :( >:( :o ???
    for St Basil's mass said by Saint Pope Kyrillos VI

    sori for posting 4 years later looooollllll  :D :D :D  ... i just thought it would still be of benefit

    Glory be to You, O Lord.

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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