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Watos Psali of Laqan of Apostle's Feast

edited July 2014 in General Announcements
Is it fair to assume it is in the same tune as normal Watos Psalis of tasbeha?


  • No it is in the Vatos doxology tune which is annual.
  • Can you send me a recording of something chanted in the Watos Doxology tune? For some reason I feel like this tune is unfamiliar to me.
  • Hi

    It's the annual doxology tune also the same as the annual gospel response this tune is Vatos as the Adam doxology is in the tune of Epouro chanted during glorifications.
  • Oh wow, that's awesome, I would have never guessed.
  • In the SUS we use the Psali Watos tune.
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