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Orthodoxy Versus Christian Materialism
  • Very interesting blog series going on at Glory To God For All Things:

    Orthodoxy Versus Christian Materialism

    Over the years I find myself coming back to a number of ideas within the modern world that differ markedly from Orthodox thought. These are ideas that are imbedded so deep within our culture that they seem self-evident to most people. Many Orthodox believers hold to one or more of them, distorting their understanding of the faith. This article is an effort to create a list and address each one. If it succeeds I will use it as a touchstone in future work. I have left off the specific issues of the Modern Project, which forms a subset of these ideas. Perhaps they will be added in a later version. 

    The ideas:
    1. Things are self-existent. They require nothing outside of themselves to exist. 
    2. Relationships are psychological. 
    3. Meaning is only a thought.
    4. Time is a chain of cause-and-effect. The Cause cannot come after its effect.
    5. Good and bad only describe behavior.

    Read the rest at

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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