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Melodies for St Anthony's Feast
  • Hey guys,

    Here is a set of melodies translated for St Anthony's Feast. If anyone works in coptic reader please add them to it!
    God Bless
  • +

    I have one more for my beloved father, the GREAT Abba Antony. It was composed in English so it rhymes and hugs the tune naturally as well if anyone is interested.

    I also don't know why this is centred, I tried justifying left but it wouldn't fix!

    pray for me,


  • LOL^ Bless Father! I will pray that God rejustifies your text to the left haha
  • Hi Father,
    It would be great to see it!
    God Bless

    P.S Good luck with the text!
  • father antony paul, could you send a more specific link?
    i did not find it.
    i am looking for orthodox songs in english to share with a group i attend in church and i think it would be nice to see it

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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