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Greetings and Salutations
  • Greetings of Peace,

    I have been lurking the tasbeha forums for the better part of the past two months, as time allows, and thought it was high time to make the appropriate introductions. I have been walking an intoxicatingly beautiful, and, at times, excruciatingly painful yet always profound spiritual labyrinth that has guided me through this Vale of Tears. I've been blessed to have immersed myself into a rich tapestry of spiritual learning, and having thus become familiar with brethren of myriad Traditional religions and faiths. I myself have been brought into the Light, which is Christ, via the Coptic Orthodox Church. I must say that I have not been baptized in the Church, as I am still in the process of meeting with priests', but having expressed my intention of living as a catechumen. I hope to be able to learn from you all as much as God will allow.

    In Christ+
  • welcome and may God guide you.
    what is it you like about the church?
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    Welcome, ousia! Feel free to holler at any time with anything. :)

    Keep us all in your prayers during the journey and always.

    your brother,
  • Greetings,

    Thank you so much. It is very much appreciated! To mabsoota: What is it I "like" about the Church?..Well, you hinted at the answer in you comment prior your question. And that is that God *guided* me into Christ and Coptic Orthodoxy... simultaneously. I would rather not elaborate publicly or privately for that matter, at this time, but needless to say one of the great merits I found in Coptic Orthodoxy, after my Calling, is it's strong clutch to its ancient Traditions that has never really slipped out from the Mother Church. Centuries of persecution, centuries of humanist (individualist) rebellions, via the hollow face modernity, that took place in the West proper, with the advent of the 'renaissance' culminating in what we now call the modern[ist] era (error), and which is slowly creeping into the eastern lands. Through all this, She (the Church) has maintained her Traditions with a sense of (H)umility and (p)ride and even gave birth to Her own Renaissance in the 1960's. But all my love for Her, came through Him. And I was never given a choice for a Tradition. Please pray that I am worthy of Her glorious past and even more glorious future.

    ap, I just might take you up on a holler sometime. Thank you so very much! I really do appreciate it!

    In Christ+
  • Welcome Ousia,

    Your brief story is beautiful. One thing I would comment. The Coptic Church's renaissance did not come in the 1960's. Renaissance came and comes daily in Tradition and theology, in liturgy and praxis. And while you're praying to be worthy for Her glorious past and more glorious future, include us "cradle" Copts in that prayer. Really there is no such thing as "cradle Copts". We are all born anew and "converted" daily in the love of God and the Orthodox Church through the ancient sacraments and customs of Tradition.
  • Words of Truth brother Remnkemi! You are spot on. And thank you so much for your warm welcome. You and all my brothers here at tasbeha are now in my daily prayers!

    In Christ+

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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