Q: We hear of people having strong relationships with the Saints, but how do we?

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Q: We hear of people having strong relationships with the Saints, but how do we form relationships with them? How do I find that Saint?

Basically, it’s like cultivating a relationship with someone on earth that you can see. Get to know them, talk to them, celebrate with them, cry with them. Try this with an open heart, and you may be surprised at how easy it is. 


  • Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for this post.

    I did have my own personal saints, and I did as you said" I spoke to them, venerated them... etc"

    But they deserted me when I needed them most. They left me.

    I hope what happened to me never happens to you, or anyone, and that the saints who are close to you, continue to be sincere.
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    Zoxsasi thank you for being so honest and sharing your experience.

    May the prayers, hope and life of the Saints be with you and all of us.

    May we be like the icons and reflect the Glory of the resurrection and point and love all to the divine life of the Holy Trinity.

    Zoxsasi, Kyrie, zoxsasi
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    Hi Zoxsasi,

    Sometimes we have difficulties, sometimes we don't feel the presence of God in the way that we desire either. This does not necessarily mean abandonment. Sometimes things are our fault, and sometimes they are not. I don't know your situation and won't try and diagnose it, but I would just encourage you to think about that.

    For example, I might ask my friend to come with me to something, but they might disagree with that something. If they don't come, it doesn't mean they've abandoned us, it may mean that they're in disagreement.

    Other times, things may be for growth. I'll tell you a personal story. My intercessor is Saint Antony. Anyone who has known me for a long time will know how much I love him. For the last two years, I felt totally abandoned by him and that he was totally disinterested in me. I was hurt, slighted, and angry. I would ask him to help others, and he would, when it came to me...silence. I was going through the most difficult warfare in my life, and I felt totally abandoned. I was very angry and sarcastic with him. When my problem started to resolve, which was around the same time that I was about to be ordained, I told him that I wouldn't take his name because he had abandoned me. I felt a little bit guilty, so I then said, "Listen, if you remotely care about me at all, then you have the Bishop choose your name for me." I sent my bishop and e-mail with three possible names (he has and had no idea of my relationship with Abba Antony), and asked him to choose from it. During that time it was almost impossible to get a hold of him. Within seconds he replied with, "Antony".

    Slowly things started to improve and I was also able to understand certain things that I was learning from being "alone". They were and are very important.

    So, please don't be too discouraged and don't evaluate too quickly what you felt was abandonment. I don't disagree with your feelings or emotions, but just urge to reevaluate your response and assessment.

    Keep me in your prayers,
  • Thanks Guys,

    Perhaps I'm not that close to the saints as I thought? I definately felt alone in the worst periods of my life.

    I hope you continue to grow in Grace and virtue and be a cause for others to come closer to Christ.

    God bless you all
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    Hey Zoxsasi - I think you may be closer than you think, but regardless, having the saints close is an aid, but is by no means a measure of one's holiness or progress. I hope you're alright, and I really really admire your brute honesty.

    pray for me, too!
  • Hello AP,

    I'm not sure if I'm closer to them "more than I think". We'll see. Some bad stuff happened, and even though God may "compensate" me for these bad events, I find it hard to be friends with these saints after these events.
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    God doesn't work on a reward/punishment system. He works through relationships. :)

    pray for me,
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