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  • OK I know that everyone obviously here posts for others to pray for them. I'm no different. But please I beg those that are reading this to truly remember me in their prayers and even mention me on the altar. I'm going through the toughest patch I've ever had in my life. I've been on the verge of almost everything, and I mean everything. Anything will help trust me. So just please constantly mention me in your prayers.
    God bless
  • Lord, have mercy! Blessings of the Pascha week be with you!
  • may God guide you and give you peace
  • I hope God consoles your soul, strengths you and makes you whole
  • Hi Paanomia,

    Just a recommendation for you, read the book of Job. I read a good chunk of it and it really makes you sympathize and understand human tribulations. If you have time, maybe like 1 chapter a day. God bless :)

    "May my supplication come before the Lord, and may my eyes pour out tears in His presence" (Job 16:20)

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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