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Agios Athanatos NaiNan
  • Hi


    its that time of year again when we should all be preparing for the most amazing hymns known to mankind.


    Does anyone have a good recording of Agios Athanatos NaiNan?? Even if its Italian or Spanish?




    One of the most spirited recordings of the hymn I've ever heard! Enjoy! Listen to Abouna first, then he starts the hymn
  • This is the late Fr. Arsenios Aziz Serry ?? From Canada?
  • there is a recording of arsani sidaros saying this on his website. under live service archive
  • Yes, that's him :) May God repose his soul! This was his favorite hymn!
  • Hi Meanz:


    Can you give me the link??


    Thanks bro

  • Typical reply:

    Hymns arr not meant to be amazing. They are meant to be spiritual tools to lead us closer to God. If you're just listening to the hymns to enjoy them as music that is wrong. [censored by Admin]
  • lol.


    Our Coptic Hymns are amazing. All of them.

    They do indeed lead you closer to God - that makes them very much amazing.

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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