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Pope Shenouda's Poem "Anta Lam Tonset"
  • Hey everybody,
    Would anybody happen to have translated Pope Shenouda's poem "Anta Lam Tonset" in English? If so, can someone post it on here and if not, is there a chance someone can translate it by Good Friday? Please and thank you!

    In Christ,
  • Just to ask, was this poem officially put into the rites of Good Friday by the Holy Synod or is just something people do as tradition?
  • For the sake of clarity the are no spiritual hymns (teraneem) in the official rites of Good Friday or any other church service. Any hymns that are chanted are with the agreement of the priest of the church and there are many churches for example that do not chant any at all.
  • Yes, this is one which is chanted at our church with agreement of the priests of the church and the people but has only been chanted in Arabic since an English one hasn't been translated yet.
  • @p, what does that "Yes" answer exactly?
  • Yes for being a hymn that is in agreement with the priest of our church lol

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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