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Icon of St. Mark - Symbolism
  • Can someone tell what the tree and its 7 fruits on the icon of St. Mark stand for? What do they symbolize? 

    In Christ 
  • I am sure there is an icon pundit among us who is just dying to answer my question but struggling to restrain himself out of humility. Well this message is for you, yes you, the humble icon pundit - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease answer my questions  

    In Christ 
  • i am not humble, just without knowledge...

    (good to 'see' you anyway, brother)
  • Nice to see you too mabsoota.

    A dear friend is working on a project and he really needs an answer to this question. So I guess I will just keep on bumping this trend till I get an answer. I hope nobody gets annoyed.  

    In Christ 
  • bump! im interested for this too!
  • This is from a Coptic iconographer disciple of Isaac fanous

    Glad to hear from you, it represent the church of the New Testament with the seven sacraments
    In contradiction with the fig tree " or the jewish nation" that Christ cursed
    Because it never bear fruit!
    You can see the fruitless tree in the epiphany icon.

  • @baempi there are many that are 'disciple of Isaac Fanous.' He was head of the entire iconography school in HICS for many years. who is the iconographer exactly?
  • I am glad to see an answer being posted. Baempi, you saved the day. 

    Minatasgeel, I agree with you it will be nice to find a definite source. 

    In Christ 
  • Many many thanks to Hezekiel for finding the following material. Its not easy to send the link so I wll just post what you should google and open the second link:

    The following text is written on this icon (transcribed): “Piapostolos – piagios – Markos”

    In Christ

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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