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Hymns - Media Error
  • Dear All,

    I've been trying to access various different alhan media across the site however in the past few days whichever alhan, whatever it may be, and by whomever I try, seems to throw up an error. I can navigate fine across the alhan folders but when selecting a particular folder, I get the following message:

    Media Not Found!

    The media page you requested was not found, please try using the following search.

    It has been a number of days now but the issues has still not resolved itself. 

  • the same to me!?!
  • and iam too
  • I am experiencing the same Error.   I am hoping to download Holy Week Alhan.   Is there any estimate on the time it may take to fix this issue? 
  • Wow... none of the hymns at all are working

  • Does anyone know how we contact the Administrator of the site? I can't find a contact email anywhere.
  • hehe. done so. I am waiting for a response. 
  • Great. Thank you. Seems the whole alhan database site is down...very temporarily I hope!
  • Everything should be good now. 
  • Awesome. Thank you again!

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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