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Blessed is the hairy man and the hairless woman
  • Blessed is the hairy man and the hairless woman 
    does any one know where this verse is... i heard it before... i looked it up and all it said is that it was passed down by Mohammed????
  • Wrong religion buddy lol 
  • haha yea thanks i heard it from my grandma that shows the muslim influence on us :( 
  • I know it is not what this forum is for,
    you got to be kidding, that is a muslim verse??? REALLY
    Now being from Germany I most be really blessed.
  • The Coptic church seems to be influenced by everyone BUT the Coptic Church. <--this is a half serious joke referring to some within the church.
  • yea its sad...
  • Well, I definitely would agree that a woman is blessed if she is not hairy!!

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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