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New Synaxarium
  • salaam dear brothers and sisters.
    my priest says there is a 'new synaxarium', which is different to the synaxarium on the website.
    where can i find out more?
    is it only available in arabic?

    when is the feast day of saint severus on the new calendar?
  • it's not really a 'new' senixar per se....but it's an 'edited' senixar. I think it's either published by El-sorian monastery but it's really the work of many bishops through the years. I don't think the feast days for saints was changed but they probably added many more saints in there. also the arabic text needed editing. 

    the book is just in arabic. I don't think anyone has a digital form yet. 
  • abouna said it is not anba severus of antioch's feast day today, according to his book.
    do you know when we celebrate it?
  • i think there is a mistake in the senixar.

    amshir 14 and 9 are the same here. 
  • Has anyone seen it? Does anyone know if Augestine is included in it? 
  • ok, thanks.
    so we can celebrate anba severus next week?
  • Augustine has been written in it but There is much controversy over it
  • yea!
    i have day off work tomorrow and can celebrate anba severus' feast day!
    (there are some relics in my church)
    thanks for all your help.

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