Can I have a copy of Old Testament in Coptic in DOC(X) Format?

I want a copy of Old Testament in Coptic in DOC(X) [Word] Format... if available ....Thanks


  • You read/understand full sentences in coptic?!
  • kind of but not all of course
    I want a copy to use it in some texts
  • There is no complete Coptic Old Testament in any format. It is fragmented. There are of course fragments throughout Coptic services, especially Apocalypse night and Pascha. There are some books like Legard's Pentatuch, Tattam's Job and Minor prophets and Schwartz's Psalterium that you can download from And of course most of the extent Bohairic Old Testament is found at But you're not going to find it in Word format.  
  • I know a website that has some of them in texts but not all and not in specific font.
    I don't want PDF formats coz they are corrupted when converting
    I hope someone to release it soon.
  • habibiy, nothing is easy to get these days and nothing will be presented to you on a silver platter. If all services are easy, then God wouldn't require us to serve. ATLEAST you have text and you can read it out. start typing and be the first to place them in a doc for everyone to use.
  • it depends on if you can do that or no!!!
  • I can't find Old Testament in Coptic even PDF or any document!?!
    like (1 Samuel, Deuterocanon Baruch, .......)
    where to find these books in any format?
  • Find a good collection here:

    Unfortunately, not all the books are found, but this is better than nothing.
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