Coptic Reader - Theophany Praises

I was just wandering why Coptic Reader doesn't have the full rite for Midnight Praises for the Feast of Theophany... when I checked it just says its normal rites but my khedmet el shamas says very differently... does anyone know why?

God Bless


  • They just don't have all of the Psalis written out (yet) - the app is not complete yet.

    Pray that it is completed before the feast
  • Okay May God Bless them and help them.

  • send them an email at: [email protected] and they will fix it
  • It is a matter of having the psalies guys. give them some time bassss :-)
  • Arent the Psalis on this Site...?

  • any kind of text needs to be reviewed...and reviewed again.....and may be translated....and then be made available to everyone to use :-)
  • Ohkay so its a long process... get it

    God Bless
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