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Theme for each Coptic month
  • I was wondering if anyone can tell me or refer me to where I can find out the themes for all the Coptic months. Thanks!
  • like for example...thout---second coming........paope--the power of Christ.........kiahk--prep for Christ's incarnation

    themes in reference to the readings...
  • well the only reason that Kiahk is that way is because Christmas as at it's end. The sundays readings are structured i believe in a way that there are 3 major topics, one for every 4's readings do not follow that because they are purely based on commemorations of saints.
  • I agree not every month has a standalone theme but there are some outside of the fasts and feasts that do have their own theme. I do not know the theme for Hatoor...
  • try this

    God Bless
  • Thank you!
    God bless!
  • This may help too!
  • Thanks Guys! I really appreciate it!

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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