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  • Dear all...a friend of mine is interested in buying a Coptic cross from a reputable site, where the proceeds may go out to help the Coptic people/church in Egypt.  He found this site:

    But he's not sure if it's reputable, and I told him I'm not sure either.  The site has a nice selection, but because there's not a lot of information to aid in trusting to buy from the site, I advised him not to buy from it until I find our more information about it.

    I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about this site, and if the proceeds does indeed go to where it claims it will go to.

    Thank you and God bless.
  • There's an email on that site, so you could just ask. Also it would be better and MUCH cheaper if you know a friend or family member visiting egypt and have them buy one for your friend.

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