psali for St Anthony

hey dows anyone know where I can find the psali for st Anthony

God bless


  • Psali Adam and Watos for Saint Anthony in english.

    God Bless
  • is this sung to the same tune as 'my heart and my tongue'?
    (second psali adam during kiahk)
    and does anyone know where i can hear a recording of this sung at a normal pace?
    i found one sung very slowly, but in our church, we always sung it at a bouncy pace during kiahk.
    and (lastly) do we sometimes sing 'my heart and my tongue' outside kiahk? coz it is an awesome song and i love it.
  • Hi mabsoota,

    This Psali is chanted on his feast days during Vespers Praises or Midnight Praises before the Theotokia on the tune of "I sought after you" (Sunday Psali). The tune of "My heart and my tongue" is the Psali Adam tune exclusively for the month of Kiahk. I don't really have  recording of this Psali, but I might after his feast day (in 6 months!).
    To my knowledge, there is no service with which we pray "My heart and my tongue" outside of Kiahk, but there is never a problem in praying it before some meeting (such youth meeting or servants meeting) in place of one of those taraneem, or just praying at home by yourself, (in my opinion).

    God Bless
  • thanks a lot. 'i sought after you' is a more difficult tune for me, never mind, it will soon (!) be kiahk.
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