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Hello :D
  • Hello, I'm new here and wanting to learn more about Coptic Christianity (because I have plans to convert in the near future for my marriage - to a wondeful Coptic man :D )

    Anyway, I was brought up (German) Luhteran and have read for many many years of many other religions and spiritual paths so this has always been a major interest for me (as well as the cultural-anthropological side). And spirituality has always been a focus in my life. The same with philosophy, art and history. Unfortunatly, I'm not majoring in religious studies in my University, I decided to go into Urban and Inner City Studies and immigration work. I have read some things on Coptic Christianity - but I have asked him (I'll just call him my fiance here for cultural sake) about these claims and he says they arent true. (Just many things from different websites) So, I thought joining a group would be best. Get to know things better person to person.

    I'm also trying to learn Arabic :)

    -- Vanessa

  • hi, vanessa and welcome!
    congratulations on your planned marriage.
    it is good to read a lot!

    some more resources are here:
    (lots things to read. the books by our deceased patriarch, pope shenouda the third are especially good).

    this is a brief introduction; probably you know this already, but i include it here just in case some people want less detail:

    the most important thing is to see this time as a spiritual journey.
    ask God to guide you and to show you His love for you and His plan.
    as you may know, Christian life is not easy, but is is the most beautiful life.
    may God be with you in your journey
  • Alrighty, thank you :)

    I'll have to go to those links when it's earlier in the day!!

    -- Vanessa

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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