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communion hymns, which ones?
  • ok, so i failed to derail the 'glorifications' topic,
    (sorry for asking question there)
    so i will ask here:

    could anyone give me a list (send p.m. if you like) of all of the hymns / songs that are appropriate for Holy Communion?
    eg. particularly like 'from all nations', is this mazboot?
    i would like to compile a list of communion hymns so that i can learn them (the easy ones), and especially those that are already translated into english.

    also please tell me your sources for this. i have asked friends in the past about this, but they have had difficulty answering this question.
    sorry if it's a hard question!
  • This is a great resource!

    Scroll down to "Distribution Melodies".

    Hope this helps! God bless :)
  • dear tishori,
    could u include the link pls?
  • thanks, that's great.
    could u possible make a list of a few of them that are translated into english? ( i mean just the names, i can get the words easily)
    eg. is 'from all nations' on the list?

    i may buy the book, but for now, i would just like a list of songs we can sing.

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