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  • Just wanted to introduce myself to my brothers and sisters. My name is Mina and I was born and raised in NJ. I am 29 and currently live in WV during the school year where I study medicine at WVSOM. I find it time to grow a stronger personal relationship with Christ and wish to meet fellow Copts in fellowship. It's always great to make friends with people that share your walk.
    God bless and please pray for me, Mina
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to the community. How are you?
  • Old thread. Welcome though. :)
  • Hi Mbtross, it's soo good to see you on tasbeha.
    Since you studied medicine, do you mind sharing to us about your medical schooling experience, since I as well as many are interested about entering the medical field.
    Thnank you,
  • Welcome
  • all non bots are kindly requested to remove advertising internet links from their signature.
    happy Christmas marysears and have a great new year.
  • Welcome to the jungle! We hope you enjoy your stay! Please, feel free to visit us anytime!

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