Nativity Mohayar

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My question is for the Coptic linguists. The beginning of the Mohayar for Nativity originally was written as "A Penchoice" and recorded like so. However, I am noticing certain cantors saying "Pachoice." I am aware of the fact that there should be an "A" whenever it is followed by a verb. The text reads: "Our Lord Jesus Christ, was born of the Virgin, in Bethlehem of Judea, according to the prophetic sayings." In this case, there is no verb but a noun...does this this mean that it is correct to say "Pachoice" instead of "A Penchoice?"


  • Yes.. grammatically speaking abanshois is wrong.. bashois is right...
  • Apen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] vy`etac macf `nje ]Par;[email protected] qen By;leem `nte ]Ioude`[email protected] kata ni`cmy `m`provytikon

    It should indeed be Pen=o=c, but not for the reasons you stated. The letter A points out that the sentence is in past tense. But in this case "who was born of the Virgin" is another sentence, and the vy`etac macf "a" already signifies the past tense. Therefore, it's grammatically wrong to have an "a" before pen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c, as it is sentence on it's own.

    But in other cases, it's also possible to have "a" followed by a noun, and then followed by a verb. I think I've heard this sentence before in a hymn:
    A I=y=c P=,=c tonf ebolqen ...
  • The "A" before Pen[oic Iycouc Pi,rictoc in all hymns regardless of grammar is probably a byproduct of cantors who figured all mohayar verses should start with the "a" like the Lent Mohayar Pen[oic Iycouc Pi,rictoc ernycteuin... In the Lent mohayar, it is grammatically correct, unlike most of the other mohayar verses.

    This phenomenon is seen all over in the Midnight Psalmody psalies.
  • That's right Remenkimi
    AEgyptian, you're not totally correct.. badasmasf literally means "Who has borne Him ... etc".
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