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really good spiritual reading! tips on being close to God
  • thanks to dzheremi for this link he posted on,
    it is one of the best books i have read.
    i will include a small extract here on avoiding self righteousness:
    [ 42 ]
    What should I do when Satan attacks me with thoughts of
    self righteousness?.
    There are two basic methods of fighting thoughts of selfrighteousness,
    and they are for a person to remember his sins,
    and to recall the highest stages reached by the saints.
    Recalling his sins will make a person humble, contrite and
    ashamed, because even a single sin can cause him to perish.
    Likewise, bringing to mind the highest stages which the saints
    attained in each form of virtue, will make a person realise how
    insignificant he is if he should compare himself to that level.

    We must also attribute to God's grace, any virtue or
    goodness that we might have done, and must remember
    that self-righteousness will make God's grace forsake us
    and leave us to fall.. which would soon make us aware of our
    weakness and return to a humble position.
    So you have to remember to be afraid of falling, whenever you
    submit to thoughts of self-righteousness because, 'Pride goes
    before a fall'.

    may God give us mercy and peace and keep our honoured father baba shenouda for many years and peaceful times.
  • Thank you for posting this!
  • This is precious, thank you and if you have the links for the first two parts share them please.

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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