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BBC newsnight program on Thursday 16-12-2010
  • DEar all,
    I hope everybody can contribute not only those in the UK. I'm sure you can find this program on YouTube as I'm not sure the BBC website would play it for those who live outside the UK.
    Basically I wasn't happy watching the program which seems to have played a beautiful game for a secular country. After all the complaints they received from Christians about the BBC Arabic section and how reporters manipulate evidence for the sake of the religion of peace islam, they try another tack and depict what's happening in Egypt and other islamic countries as equal to what happened in Switzerland and France, ie the majority dominates the minority. Islam is this world's satan and is slowly getting into the heads of those who are in power in the western world with the money of the rich Arabic countries and Christians will keep being persecuted and oppressed until we face our first death... God have mercy on us all and show His truth to the whole world. He said He is coming fast... amen He is coming fast

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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