Nativity fast just a question

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There are 43 days in the Nativity fast.3 of thoses days came from the fasting of the Mukattam.How come they put it int he Nativity fast they could have put it in the Pentecost,St.Mary's fast or any of the other fasts we have? Just why the Nativity


  • "The Pope [Anba Abraam]also decreed that the three-day grace period which he had requested from the Callph, and which he and the bishops and priests spent in prayer and fasting, be a regular period of fasting to be observed by all Copts every year. Those three days were added to the forty days of fasting before Christmas. Thus, the Advent fasting became forty-three days starting on November 25."

    So i'd only have to guess that the miracle must have taken place pre-advent, or during advent.
  • In the advent fast we are waiting for the coming of Jesus the word of God. the forty days are the days that Moses fasted to recieve the ten comandment (the word of God). The 3 extra days were fasted before the word of God came to the pope telling him what to do. In this case the word of God didn't come directly from God, St. Mary dilevered it to the pope when he was praying. The result is 43 days in the advent fast.

    It wouldn't make sense if they were added to any other fast.
  • Thanx I kind of understand it anymore replies??
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