projects i can do

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anyone have any ideas for any simple projects i can do to serve god...

like maybe...hand out greeting cards to the congregations...

simple things like that... ???

or is that a ridiculous question??


  • I love that idea, don't say it's ridiculious I like greeting cards, I think you should, make like little cross bracelets/necklaces, it's so beautiful, plus it will make everyone so thrilled, and it's very very fun!

    Coptic Servent
  • Ask about people that didn't show up to a meeting :)

    That makes someone's day much brighter.
  • OMG...they are really good ideas...especially the whole..bracelet thing....

    and egptn45..i thought that was a great idea and when i asked my sunday skool teacher for names aand numbers...she said that she wasnt aloowed becasue it is againt the law here in Australia.....where you cannot just distribute the numbers and personal contacts!!

    please please please please
  • maybe you can design pamphlets...our church usually has pamphlets every now and then that talk about varying issues

    You can start by targetting a group of people i.e. junior high kids, highschool kids, etc, and you can research and make pamphlets that contain topics that would interest them such as the church view on peer pressure, dating, christian attire, christian behaviour, secular music, etc.
  • [quote author=Youstina S link=board=10;threadid=3687;start=0#msg53022 date=1145793727]
    maybe you can design pamphlets...our church usually has pamphlets every now and then that talk about varying issues

    You can start by targetting a group of people i.e. junior high kids, highschool kids, etc, and you can research and make pamphlets that contain topics that would interest them such as the church view on peer pressure, dating, christian attire, christian behaviour, secular music, etc.

    I like the pamphlet idea Youstina S!

    Coptic Servent
  • yep that is realllly good...take lots of time but really good...

    anymore like these brilliant ones!!!!!
  • Why,

    You're Sunday School wont give you names?
    That is counterproductive isn't it? (how do you show love w/o contacting others?
  • sorry i didnt get ur last post..rephrase that please :-[
  • theres lots of stuff u can do
    sunday school
    clean the church
    if you know how to sow, u can get material and make little crosses on isharps
    start a church magazine
    design saint pictures , write the summary of the story on the back, get them laminated...give them out to people
    start a kids choir or something
    visit any sick people in church
    order spiritual books/cds for ur church library
    take a sunday school class to go visit orphans or a nursing home, or maybe cook some food 4 the homeless

    if u have free time ask your abouna what u can help out with im sure he has some stuff in mind
  • yep they were great...

    i got a really good idea aswell...get like a huge carboard paper and do like a 3d phamplet (with flowers, things that pop out n stuff) a really big one...and as Yostina said, i would put it about one special subject..self esteem maybe...and stick it up in our girls sunday skool class...

    we would make like 5...targeting

    self esteem
    sex before marriage
    _____________ any ideas for th last one???
  • [sub]I'm not very good at this, but I will trust to help.

    ~*You could focus on a topic for a poster board.
    ~*Make a fundraiser.
    ~*Try to plan fieldtrips with your FOC, and you can lead them and go to like those homes.
    ~*Make little art clubs or things like that for younger kids.
    ~*Invite people to hang out and talk.
    ~*Set up a webiste for your church for kids your age and younger.
    ~*Give out prizes and YOU make competitions.

    That's like all I can think of. If I can think of more, I'll e-mail you.

    love lots,
  • hello im from australia too

    you can

    *ask the church or sunday school service if they need anything and start raising funds from the community for it or from the church community

    *also at our church kids are wanting school holiday activities mayb you can organise a school holiday program where kids come every day and do activities either in church or go on excursions (parents love this as they have work and no one to look after their kids and the kids benefit as they are not home watching TV usually on their own)
  • im sorry princessmary. i repeated some of ur things but i didnt notice

    love lots,
  • wow okaiie..thanksguys...

    thuse are great ideas and will last me about a year....

    but does any1 have activities which 1 and maybe a friend can do...simple things...maybe related to giving our money and not soo much time...and related to us making things and not organising things...

    im reallllllllly sorrrrrrrryyyyy
  • any1???
  • there are people in Australia who raise funds for needy families in Egypt for around $50 a month you can sponsor a family find out if you have a representative in your church and ask them about the project.

    also you may chose a church in egypt or an orphanage and sposor them by sending them money (there are plenty) im sure if you asked the Bishop or even your Church Priest they may be able to advise you as to a name of a church.

    also you can speak to your confession father who may be able to give you further ideas

    God Bless
  • kool thanks !! every1
  • Me, my brother, and a friend made a website for an orginization we are making to help the people. The website is complete but the categoires in it aren't so far. So you can like gather people to help you say join and talk about God. The orginization me my bro and friend are making is for the poor to save up and help them.
    Hope that helps! ;D
  • WOW THATS MAJOR..when maybe i expcell in the small project i am doing..i will take on board ur suggestion..

    thanks heaps ..and good luck wif the website...

    did u want to post it up?? on this forum??
  • anymore ideas?????
  • [quote author=why link=board=10;threadid=3687;start=15#msg54132 date=1146912626]
    anymore ideas?????

    no.. BUT I LUVV YU :D LOL
  • im sure there is something in that Head of urs..

    THINK..that is all it takes!! :P
  • hello WHY

    i think you have been given alot of ideas mayb its time you started something?!?!?!?!



    ITS CALLED>>>BRAinSTORMING>...this generates more IDEAS!!!

    thanks for ur care though :P
  • :)
    lots of gr8 ideas guys... for our church the website is already done sum1 made that... pamphlets r already made but u definately make more but we had a problem with the printing so make them and we'll sort it out... dont raise funds i think u already no the story bhind that...if not i can tell u l8a... u no wat go back 3 yrs... memba church club? u no wat lets go to abouna and tell him bout it n do it agen ther is definatly NO DOUBT he'll say no lol thers a story bhind that to hehehehe... and btw whoever sed orphanage I LUV U thanksss.... btw why there r a group of youth that go on visitations y dont u join em? o ye n church magazine is done already we just need to start printing i think God got us that solution... there r already pamphlets getting sent home for those that dont come... there r plenty of things just sit and think of things u do making pics is gr8 and fun and ye lol most of everything is done but there r no limits in serving God so do anything u have a talent in...

    btw im sorry i gotta mention Kristina123 to that im ye its me lol ur full talking to why as if she is on the other side of the world hahahaha she goes to ur church st barbara and st abraam wat a small world.... guys r craks... :P

  • The teen age girls at my church always make delecious desserts (usualy Egyptian food) for us. They sell them for like $1 a bag and all the money is used to help the church.
  • nice thanks for that!
  • Speaking from personal experience and watching my older sister being a sunday school teacher and camp co-ordinator, I can assure you that there is MORE than enough stuff that needs to be done that you can help out with. Camps, sunday school, deacon related activities (being a girl, I don't know a lot about those) cleaning the church, bazaars, youth group, church trips, etc.... Go to anybody in charge of sunday school, and ask how you can help out. They will instantly offer you about a hundred different tasks that you can help complete.
  • yep thanks heaps..but i was wondering what a bazaar is... :-[
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