Being oppressed in your town?

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Who here gets oppressed in their own country for their religion?
thought people can explain their stories...


  • i live in Matareyah, Cairo, Egypt to be exact, and facing gang/extremist violence in the neighborhood is like the worst thing to face when it comes to religion in my area...i could explain, until someone else could post something
  • hey MasrII
    i see you're new here, welcome to the site!
    if there's somthing you'd like to share about oppression, i'm sure we'd all like to hear it!
    so feel free to tell us whats on your mind, if you want!!

    again, welcome to this great community, i hope you'll have a great time here!
    looking forward to reading your posts...

    take care and God bless
  • well i was just saying how bad it is to get oppressed, i am sure everyone gets it oppressed at some in the states when i visit i am considered a terrorist because i am egyptian and get oppressed, but when im in egypt i get oppressed for being christian...what kind of shit is this?
  • our Lord tells us in John 16:33:
    "In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

    we've got nothing to worry about because God took care of everything for us. whatever is giving us trouble, God is bigger and stronger than it, and has already overcome it. all we have to do is remember this, and keep living our lives as Christ's children.

    He also reminds us that the world will hate us, because we belong to Him.

    "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.
    If you were of the world, the world would love its own.
    Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the
    world hates you." John 15:18-19

    its clear here that God chose us to be His (how lucky does that make us!!)... so we're gonna see some trouble because we belong to Him.
    but, He's gone through ALOT for us... He gave His precious Blood for our salvation, so there's no reason why we cant handle a bit of tribulation for Him.

    "We love Him because He FIRST loved us." 1John 4:19

    true, its not easy being oppressed everywhere, and going through these tough times has an effect on a person, and everyone around that person, but we have God ABOVE us, WITH us, and IN us. if we've got such power through Him, why should we worry or despair?

    anything that comes our way that challenges our faith is a blessing to shine His name. many saints and martyrs praise God for letting them be oppressed and tortured, and for making them worthy of suffering for Him.
    so really, you're lucky to be going through this, because our Lord PROMISES great reward for those who are persecuated for His name (Matt 5:11-12). its a great strengthening of faith, and be sure that He will NEVER leave His children, especially when they call out His name in trust.

    "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." 1 John 4:4

    Our God truly is an Awesome God :)

    all those who are persecuted in Egypt and world-wide are in our prayers, and very likely have their names written in heaven.

    best of luck MasrII! stay strong in Him :)

    take care and God bless
  • I might sound a bit crazy saying this but doesn't it feel good to have a cross? I mean, so many people pray to get a cross to carry and you have the honor to carry one! I know it's tough but you should be happy. Your heavenly reward is going to be amazing. Don't ever pray that they stop because you're recieving an unbelievable blessing. You don't know how many people are praying for what you have..
  • hay masrII :)
    thats exactly rite!! Good stuff saviourofmysoul and CarzyCopt gr8 stuff also masrII dont forget that every second of ur life God is testing u so in this case He will be testing ur patience rite?? also to c wat u wood do dont do the wrong thing. yes as saviorofmysoul said be thankful that u hav a gr8 oppurtunity that others long to hav and dont

    rabena ma3akom
    FROG :) ;) :D ;D
  • haha that was servantofjesus not saviourofmysoul
    unless they are the same ppl

    God Bless!
  • hey i didnt respond to this so i think FROG ment to say good job servent of jesus...cause if responded to this i was not aware! lol.

    OKay to the issue at hand i love crazy copts words! thats right u gotta bare your cross and God told you that you would face tribulations, and persecutions because of his name, so u should be expecting them, and not complaining about them, you have the chance to stay strong in ur faith, and bare witness to the saviour! persectution has its reward in heaven.

  • well im not in egypt im in america but anyways my boss at work hates me because she is an atheist apparently..
    everytime she sees me wearing my cross she gets really mad ( i dont know why) and she told me not to come to work wearing my cross, so i ignored her ...(anyways pray for me i hope i dont get fired)...its not really persecution but i thought this country said freedom of reigion but apparantely not really
  • PrincessMary, I'd quit that job..don't stop wearing your cross! It's all you've got in this concrete world.. I'm sure God will grant you a better job if she fires you for representing him. God bless.
  • well i cant quit unless i find another job first its just hard cause im in college and its hard to find part-time jobs down anyways i hope everything will be ok...pray 4 me
  • I'll be sure to. In sha2 allah you'll find a better job.

    Another thing MasrII, obviously God sees some strength in you to give you such things. Bear it with joy. :)
  • hay guys :) ;) :D ;D
    oops :-[ :-[ lol i ment servant of Jesus lol sorri forgive me saviour of my soul
    thats absolutly rite servant of Jesus masrII never forget that God dont giv u stuff u cant handle

    hay PrincessMary dont stop wearing the cross rabena ma3aki and i will pray 4 ya

    GBU ALL PPLZ :) ;) :D ;D :-*
    pray 4 me
  • Hey im new in this thread, you guys are right.
    all those who are suffering for christ should do it in joy.
    My sunday school teacher once told us that if you carry a cross(suffering) for the name of christ, he will reward you with 10 rewards, not 1. And any cross that god allows you to carry, he will help you carry it along the way. Even here in america, we are opressed for being christian. Muslims here despise us more than in Egypt.

    Pray for me.
  • ahh FROG your forgiven, not that i was mad, or nothing lol!

    And lets give a good welcom to copticpeter!

    And i havent really personaly been persecuted for being christians but i can see the dirty looks i get from muslims! but it doesnt bother me.

  • The truth is, not so many Christians would go to heaven if it weren't for persecutions..some people would feel no need to cry out to God if there is no suffering in their lives. It's the greatest blessing in the world to suffer for Christ.
  • yea,
    servant of jesus has a point.
    Bidhop David recently came to our church and told us that the 1000 martyred children of bethlehem al went to heaven, and that if they werent martyred, not even 75% of them would have had this ez pass into heaven.
  • thanks for replies, its good to hear that others understand. its sometimes really hard, especially when im good with everyone ya3ni, its only those few that are really fanatic and talk shit....and get popped, but thats life, i stay true....yes i wear my cross men barrra3 if i want. ok yalla bye,

    peace in the middle-east,


    p.s. you are actually quite lucky to live in the states when we are stuck here lol , take advantage !

  • MasrII ,

    Please watch your language... you have been notified. Inapropriate language will not be tolerated here.
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