On government...

Hello all!

I was wondering...what are the Coptic Orthodox church's points of views on government? To me, I have always thought of it as the following...

A government must respect a religion, and the religion must respect mankind...
A government should govern the undisciplined, in a disciplined manner...
A government must respect their people, as the government would respect itself

Something like that...try adding to the list, or just talk about how you feel. Please make sure you don't mention any specific governments! preciate it!

God Bless!
Coptic Servant


  • i think the government has to maintain order in society or there will be caheos!
  • saviourofmysoul, i agree with u... if there is no order in a poulation than chaos will outpour every where. if anyone has other comments plz let me know , thx

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