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Hello All,
I am sure everyone heard about the DaVinci Code Book. I have read this book. Fiction wise, it's a great book and religious wise, don't read it unless you know your religion well enough to know the horrible mistakes that are in it.

This book explains that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene and they had a child. The apostle got jealous from that relationship and after teh resurrection, mary escaped to France because she was scared that the apostle would kill her and would kill also the child she was bearing (Jesus's son).....

Of Course, this is a wrong beleif because if Jesus was married that means He is not God and what he has done for us is false and what our doctrine is wrong.

I am just letting everyone know this so that they can pay attention to things like this and be careful when you read this book.



  • Paul--

    You are absolutely right. The book is well written in a very very 'fictional' manner. I actually had to put the book down a couple of times, and pick up the Bible instead.

    He also touches upon the Catholic church and its manipulation of information, etc...

    I heard they were planning on making this book into a movie!! It's such a shame because "The Passion" had started bringing people back into their faith, and now if "Da Vinci Code" becomes a movie, it will put doubt in people's hearts and minds (for those who are on the fence).

    Martin Scorcese released a "Jesus" movie a few years back, also implicating a relationship with Mary Magdelene. I think it's a disgusting concept; and a very obvious ploy by "satan" to spread doubt.

    Funny how Santa and the Easter Bunny also have gained popularity; distraction from the true purpose of Christmas and Easter. Isn't that also evil's way of turning the attention away from Christ? Im sorry I diverted....but Im glad to have found someone who has read Da Vinci Code and can agree it's well written and as fake as....the existence of Unicorns!!
  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to suggest that neither of us buy the book "Da Vinci Code" because if we buy it, that means that we are helping the author to make profit out of it and this will encourage him to make it into a movie. I remember few years ago, one person made a movie about Jesus having a relationship with Mary Magdalene ("I do not remember the movie title") and the Church advised all Christians not to attend the movie and then the producer had a big loss.

    I think the best way to defend our religion is to get rid of these books or movies which attack our believes and they will die by themselves. At least we should not participate in helping the author make money out of it.

    Pray for me.

  • you two are right but I think if you know your religion well then get it for the knowledge and just in case anyone approaches you so you know what they are talking about. I was approached with questions from many people that I serve in my church. I was able to answer all their questions after I read the book.
    Plus, it's get to know what are the problems that are out there and we are not aware of it. Those people that beleive in Mary Magdeline do exist.

  • I think the movie Karfaw was talking about is titled "The Last Temptation of the Christ"
  • Yes Banoub. That's right. Bravo.

    Pray for me.

  • Seeing that you are on the topic of Mary Magdoline- someone last week asked me a rather interesting question concerning her-

    The question was:
    why is it that when Jesus rose from the dead, and Mary Magdoline saw him in the garden he said to her 'do not touch me for I have not risen to my father yet' YET the same day he appears to his disciples in the upper room and tells St Thomas his disciple to touch his wounds?

    good question huh? (no the answer isnt that she is a woman lol theres more to it!)
  • it's interesting because the proper translation for that is "do not cling to me"... It's explained that Mary Magdalene was very focused on His corporal body and was close to missing the point of His resurrection... knowing the time she spent at the feet of Christ, she can't be blamed.. so Christ, knowing that she couldn't bare to part with Him again reminded her that His job is not quite over...(and He wanted her to spread the good news and she can't really get that done clinging to His feet...) However, He appeared to Thomas because of his lack of faith... so you're right... it's got nothing to due with the fact that she's a woman.. it's got to do with the fact that she just didn't wanna see Him go... this is one of many explanations.
    others claim that He told her "do not touch me" since they say that she was always looking toward the earth... she looked Down into the tomb.. and wept while looking Down at the ground.. while her eyes had lost sight of what the goal truly is.. Up...
    i think the first one makes the most sense though..
  • yeah thats along the lines of it!
    i was actually told that jesus was upset with her coz if u read the four gospels and put them together ull realise that she saw but did not believe.

    the angel tells her Jesus has risen and that she should go and tell the disciples- then after seeing all this she returns to the disciples and returns to the garden weeping. if you continue reading you will realise that she asks the gardener where did u put the body of the lord? (this shows she didnt believe even though she had seen with her own two eyes the angel of the lord)

    apparently jesus was :( wid her for not believing and thats why he said to her 'do not touch me'
    what Marys said was also another interpretation so yeah:)

    u learn something new everyday
  • you could also combine the two interpretations.. that once she saw Him she realized the truth of the Resurrection and she couldn't bare to let Him go again... This combines the idea of her momentary disbelief with her reluctance to part with her master and "Rabboni".
  • Suzanne, I think I know wht it truly means,

    first of all: If you read the chapter carefully you will notice that Christ appeared to St. Thomas a week later. So that wasn't the option!

    Second: 16Jesus said to her, "Mary!"
    She turned and said to Him,[1] "Rabboni!" (which is to say, Teacher).
    17Jesus said to her, "Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, "I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God."'
    18Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord,[2] and that He had spoken these things to her.

    When she said Rabboni, she was still thinking of God as the teacher, so HE hasn't yet reached the level of the Father in her thoughts and that's why He told her "for I have not ascended to my Father", this is how both my sunday school teacher and Priest told me!

  • [glow=red,2,300]Happy Pentecost!!![/glow]

    There's a great trend of neo- gnosticism popping up these days. Many people today are very ignorant of Church history and very distrustful of Objective Truth that everything seems to them to be a conspiricy! Many people either havet read the bible enuff or havent read it at all or havent been grounded in Christ too separate the wheat from the chaff. The gnostics were the old rivals of the early Christian Church . They were the ones who wrote these false "gospels" like the "Gospel of Thomas" and the "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" and hundreds of others. They had to give their works Apostolic names to give them credence and authority.

    The Gnostics were different churches who disagreed with the Apostles, claiming to have "secret knowledge" That Our Lord Jesus passed down only to them and not to the Holy Apostles! Meanwhile if we read the book of Acts we see the Apostles preaching publicly the Good News. The Gnostics claimed matter was evil and the spirit alone was good. Thus the spirit had to be liberated from the body. Well, this created some very immoral behaviours on their part since the body was insignificant acoording to them ( its matter right?). The Holy Apostles lived chastely and preached that God became man because He so loved the world (John paraphrase). They aslo said there were 2 gods: the Old testament God who was an angry God and the New testament God who was the God of Love. The Holy Apostles taught there was ONE God in Three Persons ( Holy Trinity).

    Since there's great spiritual starvation in today's world people pick up anything that seem like a novelty. The Orthodox Gospel is a cliche to them, overdone....and badly represented by hypocrites and pedophiles. The devil is having a field day here but we must trust in Rabena!!! The davinci code is a neo gnostic work of fiction with many historical distortions. One author called it "faction"!

    The late, great Russian Orthodox Metropolitan nathony Bloom once wrote that Christians have 3rd dimensional vision (faith) while everyone else has 2nd dimensional vision. Of course, those with 2nd dimensional vision will not understand what we Christians see and thus encounter persecution. A Desert Father once said:

    "Abba Antonios said: “The time is coming when people will be seized by manias and will behave like madmen. And if they see anyone acting reasonably, they will rise up against him saying: ‘You are insane.’ And they will have accurately said this to him, for he will not be like them.”

    Let us watch and trust in our Loving God!!!
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