Hello to all brothers/sisters

I am a Copt 17 years old who live in coptic community in Athens here in Greece.My big brother and many of my cousins live in Egypt.My uncke is Coptic priest in Egypt.My dream is to go back to Egypt and marriage in the Nile country of Copts.I am very happy who i find this forumbwith other Christians.How many members of this forum are from Egypt or Greece?


  • Hi CoptAthens!
    Welcome and im sure many are happy that you joined. Hope you will explore the forum and dind topics interesting to you. There are many copts here from usa, canada, egypt, but I dont know about Greece. There are also some christians from oher denominations and nationalities. Hope someone will give you an answer with more information.

    How long since you lived in Egypt? I hope you will be able to go back soon and have this dream, but may God guide you as he wills.

    Are there many copts there with you in Greece?

    Nice to meet you!

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    I'm from New Jersey, USA.  My parents are from Shoubra, Cairo.
  • Why tge forum is not in Arabic?Arabic is the language who can speak the Copts not english.
  • Anyone who habe got dream to go back in Egypt?
  • we speak english because the forum started in usa and then people from other countries joined in.
    some people here don't speak arabic as their families are from uk, italy or other african countries.
    we want all our neighbours to know the love of God and the blessings of the orthodox church, so we speak their language.
    also my arabic is quite bad
  • Here is a arabic coptic forum: http://www.arabchurch.com/forums/.I am member in this forum because my language is Arabic..This forum have got many members christians who live in Arabic countries the big majority live in Egypt.I live in Egypt too.If you are not member of Coptic forum in Arabic you must know that we call God as Allah.We are not muslims but we speak Arabic.The God in Arabic call as Allah.
  • Arabic is a good lamguage.
  • I see this Arabic coptic forum.It is very good.
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