When can ti estoli be said?

  • When can this hymns be said throughout the year? Please include the rights. Thank you


  • look at the rites here: 

    (for wedding)
  • On the feasts of Archangel Michael duuring the glorification rite or after the synaxarium or during the distribution of the liturgy. It is also chanted during wedding ceremonies whereby the second "Mikhail" is replaced with "Pipatshelet".
  • Drew, I know the hymn is towards the Archangel... But I haven't heard that teaching before... Source?
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    The hymn is not only directed for Archangel Michael it is a hymn originally for his feasts adopted in the wedding ceremony. Having attended churches always by the name of Archangel Michael in Cairo you learn these things quickly. For an easy source check HCOC Glorification Rite and book.

    Also as a note the link above to the text is only the first verse and the rest of the text is missing.
  • what is this hymn saying about the garment?
    is it saying there is a garment?
    or archangel michael's garment is being passed on to someone?

    i don't understand it.
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