mother doesnt agree on relationship



  • Good to hear that everything worked out for the best. Glory be to God!
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    im very sorry to bump this topic up after such a long time.. but i feel God wants me to share my experience with all of u just in case anybody finds himself in the same situation i was!

    without going into details i want to tell all of u that God loves u very much! no human being can love you more than God loves u! BUT if there is any person who is always trying to love u just as much as God loves u.. it is ur mother!!

    i want to say to all of u to respect ur mother's word no matter what! she only wants the best for u and she loves u more than any other person in the world! Any word uttered to u in advice from ur mother consider it coming straight from God (at least in my case after what i've been through)

    God has blessed us to be His sons and daughters. His Holy Spirit lives in all of us! But God has also blessed us with 2 persons who guide us to his Heavenly Kingdom from the day we're born till the day He decides to take us! RESPECT those 2 persons (parents) with every breath you take, because they speak God's word to u!!

    after a relation of more than 1 year i had finally decided to ignore my mother and i even went as far as to stop talking to her. before we stopped talking my mother told me to do how i please and if i think this girl is right for me then she would let us be. I have been crying now for an hour straight and praying to God that he would forgive me for what I have done to my mother. not a single word she said to me turned out to be wrong about this girl, thank God!

    I apologize if my post seems un-organized but its 7 am here in Egypt and I haven't slept all night so please don't be offended. May God bless al your lives!

    That's good to hear!
    So... are you going to marry that girl or not??
  • qedeseenboy you are so right! our mothers are so precious even though sometimes we may think they are being whack they are right pretty much about everything! haha...let us learn to take the blessing of our mothers as Christ loved His mother and the mother of us all the Theotokos Saint Mary May her intercessions be with us and all our mothers.
  • hi, glad u sorted things with yr mum, not everyone has a mum like that who is a good judge of character.
    but for those who don't have good parents, God will provide the right people to give advice.

    never go it alone in a relationship, it's great to have friends and/or family there to support both of you when problems come in the relationship.
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