so my friend has grown closer to God and i am SOOO happy for her  ;D

But i realized that she is always making her Facebook statues about God and how he's so amazing but I feel that her EXCESSIVE statues about God is getting out of control. Now i am not jealous from her, but i feel that she should be humble and keep her relationship of her and God to herself.

I am not even sure if i am right or if i am looking at this the wrong way


  • Are these statuses biblical quotes or personal things . . .?

    You have to REALLY dig deep and ask yourself why this is bothering you.

    But in my opinion I see nothing wrong with this, if she is being sincere.

    If I tried the most delicious piece of chocolate in the world and kept it to myself, while knowing that you would love this chocolate if you tried it, you might think I am selfish or just outright weird.

    How much more eager should we be to share how beautiful a relationship with the Lord tastes like?!!

    I used to have a facebook and would get annoyed at people who always posted bible quotes - it kind of became popular. But when I examined myself, I found that the real reason I was annoyed is because I thought these people were fake and just putting up bible quotes that sounded nice and that they probably don't even read the bible. In other words, I was judging them.

    Now I am not saying that is what you are doing. But search and you will find the reason you are annoyed. Talk to your father of confession about it.

    Christ is risen from the Dead!
  • no not bible quotes.

    But where would i be without Jesus and more stuff like that. Its been going on for maybe a month, I just feel that she should be humble or more private about her relationship. Maybe she wants people to talk about how religious she became or maybe i wish i was religious as her  i dont know yet lol
  • Maybe Facebook is not the proper place to post things like that. But that attitude is perfectly fine and should be encouraged. Try not to let the devil trick you into thinking that she has ulterior motives for posting those statuses. The devil will try to get you to think that she is posting them so other people will look read them and think she is 'holy' and close to God and that she is a different person, etc. He will try to make you think that she is doing this so others will admire her. Maybe she is just doing this so another person who was just like her can see that she changed and is happy. If a person changes there life and comes closer to God but no one notices that they are happier or more joyful, what will make them want to change?

    Be happy for her and do likewise. Maybe not on facebook, but with every person you meet. They should feel God's presence in your life. We should not be so secretive about our relationship with the Lord. That said, we should be wise in the things we share. We have to know when we are sharing something to glorify God and when we are sharing something to glorify ourselves.

    Like I said, talk to your father of confession. He knows you best and probably knows your friend and will give you the best advice.
  • Dear friends!
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  • Smirser, I would appreciate it if you made another thread, because it will help you more. Posting in this thread won't get you answers because it is about another question. If you are having trouble I can make a thread for you with that question. As a matter of fact, I made a thread for you, it is called "Question from Smirser".
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  • I honestly thought simplycoptic was talking about statues. First thought I had, "What statues are on Facebook?'

    And I'm not trying to be condescending either. Messages about Christ can be a good thing on Facebook. Bad English cannot.
  • sry wrong post
  • If it just annoys you, hide all comments from this person to avoid being angry..

    I don't believe it's wrong..could be just 'too much' but when someone has been away from god and then finally gets close to him, they get the urge to shout it from the mountain tops..

    may be it's god's way of getting some other person close to god by sending your friend as a messenger.

    And if your friend is just showing off..well, god will deal with that..so don't get too concerned  :)

  • Tell her of your concerns in a way she doesn't feel defencive. Ask her to quote from the bible maybe.  I love geomikes reply for smirser and I wish it was like facebook where I could push the like word.
  • Just like God said to St. Anthony when he asked the question on rich people. God replied and said 'focus on yourself'  not others. This is a temptation from the devil to get you angry and potentially ruin your friends relationship with God.
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