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Hey everyone
I have been questioning this for quite a while & decided to finally ask the Tasbeha community especially after what has happened in Alexandria this morning .
How will a Muslim convert get married to a Christian girl ? Keeping in mind he is Coptic orthodox now & converted as a young teen . However, his parents are still Muslim.  
Would the girl's parents allow it ? Would society look at the family with disbelief & degradation ? Would it be a successful marriage . I mean yes in his past he was Muslim.  But isn't the past history &  what really counts is who the person really is now ?

Sorry for all the questions & Please Happy New Year to all .

+ Sister in Christ +


  • any convert can obviously only marry a Christian!
    i suggest if there are problems that the FOC of the convert and the FOC of the other Christian have a chat (obviously with the permission of the bride and groom) to discuss any fears or other issues that may arise. ideally one should get married with the parents' permission, but sometimes this is not possible.
    if the parents object the married couple should show very much grace and always be willing to rebuild the relationship.

    actually i think it's very important that we all help converts from any religion to integrate and this includes laying down our fears (and risking getting hurt, we have a God who heals) and supporting them in their marriages.
    if the convert has been a believer for (eg) a couple of years and has show spiritual fruit (love, joy peace etc, sharing their faith, accepting trouble for the name of Jesus) then we should all help them when it comes to decisions about marriage or monasticism.

    so the parents feelings are very important, but they should not forbid a marriage on the basis of background alone, and the beliefs of 'society' absolutely do not matter!
    if everyone despises you, consider it a blessing, our Lord was despised and hated and he responded by blessing those who hated him.
  • Honestly, if there was a muslim convert, he wouldn't be anywhere near his parents. Even his own family will try to kill him. That is how stupid and idiotic this stupid religion of "peace" is.
  • mabsoota thank you for the kind words & awesome advice  ;D

    geomike , what are you implying?

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  • [quote author=geomike link=topic=10340.msg126095#msg126095 date=1294012891]
    Honestly, if there was a muslim convert, he wouldn't be anywhere near his parents. Even his own family will try to kill him. That is how stupid and idiotic this stupid religion of "peace" is.

    Sorry, we are all very tense because of the recent events.

    I know a few marriages where one of the spouses had converted from Islam, and (from my limited perspective) did not see the background to be a problem in the marriage
  • lol sorry for the mis confusion , it thought he meant that he did not convert.
    I agree with what you say. i know that some parents take background ( where they came from , parents status etc ) into consideration. I personally think that the idea of him converting is alone an honor & a courageous act. It already shows his true persona . It shows that he is changing for the better. Any parent should at least have the decency to appreciate that.  Any feedbacks?

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  • Sorry, what i was trying to say is that, his parents wouldn't be around cuz they would be trying to kill him. I wasn't trying to offend anyone or make fun of anything.
  • no offense taken  ;D
    ... but would the fact that his parents are not around be a hindrance when it comes to marriage?

    + sister in Christ +
  • I wouldn't think so, because why would he listen and take advice from his " foreign religioned" parents? He is now apart of the Body of Christ (church) so i am going to say that there wouldn't be any hindrances if he is really serious about this transition (Islam to Christianity).
  • I think it quite disturbing that parents who call themselves Christian and are devout and claim to love the Lord and accept the terrifying grace of the Most Holy Mysteries of the Holy Altar, they still find it terribly easy to condemn someone because he/she used to be Muslim (or another non-Christian faith, even though they converted), because he/she is not a successful doctor/accountant/lawyer/contractor/oil tycoon/etc, or even because he/she is not of the same status in terms of financial standing.  It is certainly essential that an Orthodox Christian marries and Orthodox Christian, but if a Muslim becomes an Orthodox Christian, they are no longer what their past is: they are a Christian.  "As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ."  What about this is difficult to understand, you parents who condemn your son's or daughter's fiancee who used to be Muslim/Protestant/Catholic/Hindu/Buddhist/Jewish/etc but is not a baptized and Chrismated Orthodox Christian? 
    My dear Sister in Christ Jesus, pray for the family of the Christian lady who is to marry this Christian man, even though his family is Muslim.  And Geomike has a really good point to bring up: any Muslim that converts to Christianity becomes the next death target by his family and Muslim friends.  Pray for his Muslim family, pray for him, pray for this young Christian lady, and pray for her family.  Unfortunately, we Orthodox Christians are a lot like the children of Israel in the Old Testament: we become so focused on the reality that we are God's chosen people that we forget--and even refuse!--to reach out to and love and embrace the "gentile" world around us, and we treat converts as second class Christians because of our superiority complex.  Prayer, compassion, boldness, and love that only comes from God are so necessary right now in this circumstance. 

    I pray I have not overstepped my bounds. 
  • Thank you very much Joe ! :)
    If anyone has any other comments , please feel free to share your opinions & thoughts

    God bless

    + sister in Christ +
  • I know of a convert that married a christian with her parent's permission. the convert got married after conversion of more than 5 years and he was a good person and such the christian community accepted him.

    but he was not and had not been in contact with his muslim family for years before the marriage happened
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