Feeling the Presence of God

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how can we truly feel the presence of God in our lives? I feel like things that i may have gained during the Lent was lost during the past few weeks... I forgot which saint said that feeling the presence of God is the way we can overcome temptation (or something like that but I cant remember exactly)

with that said, does anyone have any good e-books or sermons(english or arabic) that would be beneficial to this topic?
thanks in advance and please pray for me and my weakness


  • There's a wonderful book by H.H. called "Being with God." Look it up, I'm sure you'll benefit. And for sermons on any topic under the sun try orthodoxsermons.org - all the Coptic sermons you'll ever need. Try a search on there.

    pray for me

  • spending extra time in studying the Bible and prayer is also good.
    watch your tongue and give your time and possesions to others, and go to church.
    spend time meditating on what you have read from the Bible and the majesty of God, and ask God to be close to you.
    sometimes there is a sin which keeps you from God, so repent and confess regularly, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything that keeps you far from God.
    finally, accept that God chooses when to reveal Himself or to make you feel especially close to Him, so be willing to accept His timetable. stay faithful to Him even when He does not feel close and worship Him all the time.

    not that i am doing this well, i was a bit grumpy recently at work and also need to watch my tongue!
    so, as you get close to God, also pray for me, a sinner.
  • Amen Mabsoota, very good words

    I am having similar struggles, attitude, thoughts and the odd foul words

    Pray for me the Lord Jesus will strengthen us
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