Beatiful Lyrics of "Winter" by Arsany...

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Winter by Arsany
On my own in my room as I lay on my bed,
Memories flood through my mind of things done and said,
Once again it’s time to go it’s time to say goodbye,
Time to leave the world I know its winter once again,

Cause it’s when you've come down, that He, He raises you up!
And it’s when you're humble, that He, He fills your cup!
Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour, Master of all,
Hear my prayer Lord, please answer my call.

Save me from the winter of hardship and of pain,
Send me your love; send me shelter from the rain,
I’m on my knees here and now I pray,
My God show me Your will, Jesus lead the way.

He promised me peace and happiness and success,
He chose this path for me- He told me it was best,
Why did I feel so alone, so bitter and so cold?
Once again it’s time to go, why does winter come again?


He took me by the hand and we went for a walk,
“My child it’s time to tell you, time for us to talk,
For only during winter time can hope be born in you,
Only then can My sun shine on the frozen part of you”



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