I like this girl

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ok so you guys will probably start laughing once I say this... But i think I fell in love with a girl I've never even met before.. on facebook lol.. I think it's time for a trip to college eccyc lol. seriously tho I need advice. The girl seems rly nice and has a bunch of Christian things all over her fb. and she seems like a nice girl.. but I've never actually talked to her or even seen her in real life lol. any advice?

please pray for me


  • do you know that you'll be able to eventually see her? before your feelings for her go any further, you need to know HER and not just through her fb profile.

    God bless.
  • yea that's why I mentioned college eccyc lol.. i've never been to the college one yet so we'll see how that works out lol
  • no
    sorry, just spent the last 9 months trying to help my depressed friend who did this kind of thing, it went badly wrong.
    it's a normal part of growing up (btw, sometimes happens to oldies too) to 'fall in love' with someone from the tv, someone you only see once a year and never really talk to, or someone who is far too old, married etc.
    your young, hormone-filled brain fills in all the gaps, you fill in the things you don't know about this girl with 'the ideal girl according to egyboy' which comes straight out of your imagination.
    leave her in your imagination. have imaginary conversations. imagine how the ideal girl should be. then leave her, there, because you will never find the ideal girl, you will probably end up with a flawed human being to love like everyone else!
    ps, even worse, she may not exist but be invented by a paedophile, unlikely, but i have seen it on religious websites before, you can never be too careful.
  • well i shouldn't have said i was in love with her.. more like an admiration.. is that so wrong? we may meet one day so who knows
  • lol now this is even funnier.. it turns out shes older than me.. im crushed hahaha
  • admiration is fine, as long as you realise you will idealise people you don't really know, so don't build a relationship on it. admiration from a distance is a normal part of life, esp for adolescents.
    i had a 'crush' on a guy in church who was 19 years older than me (mainly because he played the guitar!) and who i didn't really know but would see on sundays. but i realised it wasn't the real thing and was careful never to mention it to him. we are now both happily married to different people.
  • well im 19 so idk if you would call that adolescence really, but i get what u mean. thanks
  • so if she is in your college, you could arrange to be at some social event she is at and then you will see her. i think as long as you play it cool, and don't have great expectations that's ok.
    it goes wrong when you think about her or mail her for several months, decide you love her and only then meet the real person, and get disappointed. but it doesn't look like you are doing that, so that's ok.
    i just don't want you to get hurt coz you seem too nice  :)
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