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I am wondering if you guys would think it would be a good idea if someone who is absloutly good in coptic teaching the ones who don't know any coptic, coptic!

I am someone who doesn't know how to speak coptic, and i am like almost 20!

I would love for someone to teach me coptic :)



  • u meen speek or read?  and how? ???lo

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • Hey i don't think most know how to speak and if they do not very well, but most know how to read. here is a great site that you can use http://www.andrewfanous.com/CopticCorner/CopticLanguage.htm
  • [quote author=mahraeel link=topic=6266.msg82779#msg82779 date=1203739204]
    u meen speek or read?  and how? ???lo

    plzz p4m sister in Christ

    hahahaa i don't know! :P

    bas for coptic hymns, since the church says some of them alot... i find myself saying them as well..... like for example "agios ose ooos" we say that in every odas!  I realy realy want to learn coptic ezay..... ma3rafsh bas i want too we khalas!
  • In terms of speaking Coptic, it is difficult. Not because the language is hard, in fact, it is easy. The problem is it is often taught with the intent of learning to translate only. This is the case, because sadly, it is not a commonly used language. As for just reading Coptic, I'm sure you can easily learn that with no problem. However, if you want to learn the language so that you can understand what goes on in church, there are various sources.

    1. www.stshenouda.com
    This is a great site with some very useful grammar which you should know.

    2. Consider finding someone in your church who knows how to understand Coptic and have him/her teach you

    Also, if I may, what city do you live in? I might know some resources around the area.
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