arabic and coptic mass....

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Does anyone know where to get the mass preferably gregorian in coptic or arabic from the net??



  • sorry i meant the words 2 the mass and not an audio file of it...
  • in a liturgy book?
    we have a liturgy book in my church with the liturgy of Saint Basil, the liturgy of Saint gregory and the Liturgy of Saint cyril.... see if u can find it in a church library or book store.. its a hard-covered black book wiht gold writing on ti that says "coptic liturgies & hmyns" and the same in arabic..the book has all three liturgies in english and arabic and some coptic portions.. see if u can get a hold of it.. its a great liturgy book
  • Cheers 4 the coptic words......... How bout the arabic? have any idea? I do have quite a few liturgy books but i need it online cos i want to connect my computer 2 the projector to display the words during the mass on a large screen.......
    Do any1 know where i cud get the arabic words to the mass? Pls some1 help cos im meant to have this ready b4 this thursday!
    this link has the words for the saint basil liturgy. if you search around the site you may find the one you are looking for. sorry!
    good luck
    another link which may be of help
  • Thnx a lot 4 ur help flo......... i really appreciate it but these websites only have the mass in english and coptic but no arabic as far as i know..... im still looking 4 the arabic words......
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