Australian Coptic Monk??

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I remember seeing a documentary once, and reading about, an Australian man (from Tasmania, for those playing at home) who went to Egypt and is a monk in St Antony's monastery. Has anyone heard of him, or do they know any sites on the net that has information about him? All i can remember is that his mother had cancer, she died, he got angry at God, and then he went to Egypt, visited St Antony's monastery and then decided he wouldnt ever leave.. Anyone else knows anything about this monk??

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  • Are you talking about Anba Angelos. He's australian.
  • Firstly Anba Angealos was from sydney not tasmania... secondly he is a bishop now not a monk living in a monastery and thirdly that stuff didnt happen to him.. but no sorry matt88 got no idea who your talkin bout..

  • The man in question was an Anglo-Saxon Australian.
  • OK,

    No, im not talking about Anba Angelos. The monk im talking about is definitely from Tasmania, Australia. He was a lecturer at university. Now he actually lives as a hermit at the monastery (living in a cave)..

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  • Hi Matt,

    Yes, his name is Fr. Lazarus...he converted to Serbian Orthodoxy then Coptic Orthodoxy and last I heard he was living the life of a hermit near St. Anthony's in the Red Sea.

    You should ask our friend Fortunatus who has met with him a number of times...

    In Christ,
  • Thats right.....he is living as a hermit in St Anthonys monastery
  • Yeah, Father Lazarus is his name. Does anyone know if he has written any books? Does he ever leave Egypt? When did he become a monk? Im just curious because i was surprised to have seen him in a documentary a while ago..

    Fortunatus, if you're reading this any help would be appreciated ;).

    Rabana maak,

  • All i know is he is livin in a cave around the corner from St Anthonys cave. i have two very very nice pictures of him send me ur email and ill send them to you.

    Btw is this documentary ur talkin about on the net?
  • Thanks so much..

    As for the documentary, it's not on the net.. It was a travel show I saw ages ago but i've seen him on tv a few more times since.

    Thanks again
  • I recently saw a programme where an Anglican minister lived as a hermit for a week above St Antony's. The hermit/monk who looked after him spoke immaculate English but it didn't sound as if he had an Australian accent. Could this be Anba Lazarus?
  • it would truly be awesome if someone could post hte pictures
  • The monk in the BBC programme was indeed Fr. Lazarus, but viewing the programme online is illegal, so I won't post the links

    pray for me

  • ummm i would chuck the pics on to the site but i have absoloutely no clue on how to do that.

    btw i have exams this week so i really need ur prayers.

    i've been looking for the full video. Does anyone perchance have it?
  • I have the full programme links, but it is illegal to watch it online

    pray for me

  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=topic=4610.msg90922#msg90922 date=1213688240]
    I have the full programme links, but it is illegal to watch it online, so PK , get rid of your link

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    i am just wondering why is it illegal to post a link that might help our spiritual lives
  • Its illegal because the material is copyright, there is no connection to how I feel about it

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  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=topic=4610.msg90932#msg90932 date=1213717427]
    Its illegal because the material is copyright, there is no connection to how I feel about it

    pray for me


    I agree with joe than..

    The story of the monk....i heard a sermon by Father Anastasi telling Father lazerous life. He was an atheist for 40 years and He was a professor, a philaspher, in australia. He was born in Tasminia (not exact spelling). He is white , not coptic or egyptain.

    He knew Christ through the Virgin Mary. When His mother passed away, someone told him that Saint Mary can be your mom. He didnot understand but start to think about it and He went to a church and saw an icon of Saint Mary and started to pray in front of the icon. He was crying and upset because he was really attached to his mother.

    So, He prayed saying, they told me that you can be my mom and he heard a voice saying, " From now on, I am your mom." So, He fell in love with Saint Mary, eventhough, He did not know Christ yet. He started calling all the cathrolic monastery saying, I want to be a monk. but they thought he was crazy.

    He started to learn and went to Greece but He wanted the original monastic life, so He was lead to our Church. He went back to His own city and heard that Pope Shounda is going to be in town and that He should talk to the Pope. He wanted to approach the Pope but He was nervous, so one of his friends pushed Him on the Pope and once He banged into the Pope, he said, " Your Holiness, I want to be a monk.". His Holiness said, " Go to Dan el Natroon (Not exact spelling).

    He started to learn little by little and on the day of His ordination, the Pope said to him, "What name do you want." The monk told the Pope three names, Father Anastasi doesnot remember one of them but the other two goes ....

    The Second name He chose was Luntianos (Not exact spelling), He was the solider that put the spear through Christ's side and became a Christain and  Father Anastasi believes that He was also martyred. but the Pope said "no, What else?"

    The Monk than chose Lazarus, and just like Lazarus was in the tomb for 4 days, each day represent 10 years of his life, so the Pope liked that and He called Him Father Lazarus.

    Father Lazarus once served in Africa. Father Anastasi met Him at St. Bishoy where Father Anastasi was living there for a year, and He talked to him about his service and Father Anastasi found out that He was no longer serving but rather He stayed at St. Anothony Monastary. Not in the Monastary but Up high in a cave. He wanted to live there but His Holiness was worried about Him and did not want to send Him and His Holiness asked Him, "How are you going to live, there is no water?" and He replied saying, " I will take my own water." and He kept begging until His Holiness agreed.

    He meets up with one of the monks at St. Anothony's Cave where St. anothony used to live everyday for liturgy. The monk comes with three Albonas, Prays the liturgy with one and the other remaining two albonas, each one take one to His cell. All He has in his cell is a jar of honey, he eats it with his albona, and a big thermos of water, which He gets every week.

    He stays in His cell the whole week and He only goes to the Monastery on sunday for the liturgy and to have an agabee meal with His Brothers. Than He goes back up and He lives this way for two or three month, then He goes to St. Bishoy Monastery to confess, where He met Father Anastasi. When He is there, He has to eat alot to make up for all the nutrition. Father Anastasi said that He is so gracious and He always invites him and saying come, I will cook for you. and He makes so much food to make up for the nutrition.

    Father Anastasi asked Him," Abouna how are you living?" Father Lazarus replied by saying, " I like to pray the Agbeya at the right time. 6am for the monring prayer, 9 am to pray the third hour and noon to pray the sixth hour." and Father Anastasi asked Him, " What work do you do?". Fahter Lazarus said, "He made Him a corarancol (Not exact spelling), ( which is what the monks wear on their Head) and He makes them for the monks and He also does construction."

    He lives in solitude and when He meets people, He is never upset, He is loving, and He told Father Anastasi, "Do you know why I do this?" Father Anastasi replied," Why Abouna" So Father Lazarus said," Because this lifestyle is what gives me peace." He is Praying and working. He feels that He is with God and it gives Him peace but He is not doing anything on his own, Everything He is doing is through guideness.

    Father Anastasi reminds us of the verse that is said in tasbeha regarding Virgin Mary, "...She lead many people through Her purity..."

    Hope this helped...pray for the lost souls
  • Thank you very much.... this helps a lot.....and Joe, is there a Legal way to watch it online??  like some documentries are just available on line.....    you know what i mean???
  • Thanks A lost sOul for that informative post. Coptic Pharaoh, I believe it was available to watch legally on BBCi online a few weeks after it was aired, but that was months ago, and so I don't know any legal way of watching it.

    pray for me

  • lol, i think it's funny people dont want to post the links to the BBC program online because downloading it would be illegal. I rememeber listening to a bishop talk to kids in America and he told them he watched a downloaded version of The Passion of the Christ on dvd before it even hit the movies. He told them that someone made him the copy and he made illegal copies for others in the church who wanted one. And this is a bishop we're talking about.

    Anyway, I for one am going to get the links and download the program. I very much doubt there is anyone on this forum who doesnt have illegal material on their computer. Whether it be mp3s, videos, programs, or even pictures. It's just a result of the era we live in.

    Also, thank you so much A lost sOul for the post you made. I found it very informative. Really, I appreciate it.
  • Abouna Lazarus is an incredible man. I was fortunate enough to pray a liturgy with him in St Anthony's cave in the monastary: HUGE blessing! He seems very scary and intimidating at first, only because he takes the sacraments of the church extremely seriously.

    For example, during communion. He asked us NOT to sing Psalm 150 during communion, to allow us to reflect on our sins and then to feel the TRUE benefit of communion.
    He's a very loving, spiritual man and I could talk about him all day, but I'm afraid I'd be boring everyone with my stories! I've seen 2 documentaries featuring him, which I will try and find a way of acquiring legally, he speaks some very beneficial words.

    Thankyou for all the information A lost sOul
  • matt88,

    The Church teaches us to obey the law, and thus by breaking the law you are going against the Church. H.H. Pope Shenouda himself has been very fierce and very anti-piracy and the illegal abuse of programs.

    pray for me


  • The Church teaches us to obey the law, and thus by breaking the law you are going against the Church. H.H. Pope Shenouda himself has been very fierce and very anti-piracy and the illegal abuse of programs.

    I aggree 100% with this. I promise I'll look into a legal license or something to allow us all to watch it,


  • Well if his Holiness said so.. But still, i cant say it will change anything for me. Something else and I would take note, but suddenly getting rid of everything illegal on my laptop would leave with me with nothing. Secondly, it's not even possible for me to buy certain original items (genuine arabic cds in australia, for example). Anyway, I understand where you guys are coming from but personally see it as taking things too far. What more than the Coptic Bishop laughing about downloading the Passion before it was released? Anyway, im not going to create a debate or anything because you guys have the freedom to live as you please, and make your own decisions.

  • If anyone saw any film of a Saint, in most of them, Pope shounda appears in the beginning of the movie with this statement, " wrong, wrong, it is wrong to copy a cd, movie or make copies....people work hard to record a scene from the past, bought expensive cloth and had to pay all the actors, and you come and make copies of the movie. THAT IS A SIN, 7arlam ya3nii 7arlam."

    Mostly every Saint movie has this introduction at the beginning of their movie as their copywrited sentence. So how to fix it. I see you can download so much media from (That might sound insane)...therefore for every cd or album you download, you can leave a donation in the church as you payed for it.

    Concerning outer movies like hollywood and non spiritual movie....ASK YOUR FATHER OF CONFESSION.

    If anyone is confused about whether something is wrong or right, JUST ASK. but never be stubbun and declare your opinion as the right opinion from the start because of a previous example ( Bishop) the best person to ask is your Father of Confession or pray . Forgive me, i am not trying to point at anyone, i am just using what is happening as an example of what we do when we are so sure about our behavior but others are telling us otherwise. who knows, that might be the word of God trying to tell us something.

    Ask and it will be giving, Seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you...=ASK
  • [quote author=A lost sOul link=topic=4610.msg91119#msg91119 date=1213901981]

    Ask and it will be giving, Seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you...=ASK

    This is Great.... very nice... thank you
  • HH the Pope appears at the beginning of every movie, preaching illegal SELLING of the movie, thats piracy.  He makes it clear that it's wrong to download to sell it for your own profit, not for the churches. I might be mistaken but, i found that to be the problem, not the actual downloading and personal viewing.
  • So is there a legal way of seeing this documentary?
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