Nice video of Mary in Zeitun

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I came across this video about Mary in Zeitun so i thought i would upload it. Its in english and only 1.3 mb -->

I also came across this book about the same thing so its uploaded here -->

Rabana maak,



  • hi matt,
    would u plz upload them again using anyother uploading site,coz megaupload always tells me that all the downloading links are busy.
  • Here is another link to upload the video -->

    I forgot that people in Egypt sometimes have difficult with megaupload, so next time i upload something i will be sure to use

    Ma salaama,

  • sorry matt,but this is what i get from the link u sent me

    "All download slots assigned to your country (Egypt) are in use. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please try again later."

    anyway,thx for ur effort.
  • Ok, this link should work in Egypt -->

    If it doesnt work i'll pay for your flight to Australia and show you the video on my computer here ;)

    Ma salaama

  • thx alot works ;D ;D ;D ;D

    sorry for that much trouble,GBU

    u know,in the middle of this movie there`s a pic showing st mary`s face .i have it..... :D
  • about Saint Mary, before i was born like i think one week there was a big miracle with snt Marys picture dripping oil in someones house. and i was born before that so my name was mary and i have a copy of that picture in my room and its very clear and nice my uncle got it for me.. i was gonna be named like gena or something but my parents changed it and that pic i was talkin about its an exact copy of the one that was dripping oil. :)
  • [quote author=shnoda link=board=4;threadid=4413;start=0#msg60844 date=1158324200]
    thx alot works ;D ;D ;D ;D

    sorry for that much trouble,GBU

    u know,in the middle of this movie there`s a pic showing st mary`s face .i have it..... :D

    You are more than welcome Shnoda.

    Thanks for sharing the picture, it is really nice and i have seen used in books and videos before so its good to have a jpg copy as well :D

    Rabana maak,

  • she is soo beautiful!

  • yes saint mary is the most beautiful saint ever
  • Indeed it is a magnificent picture. Does anyone have it in better quality?

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • Hi, could you please upload the file again?? I'd love to see the video. None of the links you mentioned even work!?!

    why not try: "" and upload it there??
    Or juse use email to send it?

  • Firstly, the links are definitely working cause i just downloaded the video now so i could upload it to a different site.

    I went to but it doesnt appear to be an uploading website, so instead i've uploaded to here -->

    If you have any problems with it let me know ;)

    Ma salaama,

  • This is ridiculous. Really guys... the ONLY videod apparition of saint mary is in our Church; and the Coptic Church doesnt have a website it that in every format for every PC.

    Whats this Its useless. Could u use its way better. Many thanks.

    Cheers, and God bless U all
  • Vassilios,

    Ok, the video isnt an actual video of the Mary apparitions in Zeitun, but rather a film about the apparitions.

    Also, this site is an online shop to buy games, videos, dvds etc - not an uploading site.

    The links i have already posted work because i have checked them all, however if you want im happy to email you the 2 files, or send them to you over msn. Just PM me your email address if thats the case.

    Rabana maak,

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