tasbeha.. sunday theotokia.. 8th part

i have a hard question for yall.. in the eighted part of the sunday theotika which is shiesf ensho.. which is the one w/ shere re ne maria. or hail to you mary.. i hop eu guys no what i am talkin gabout... anyways there is all there hail to you mary the salvation of noah and hail to you mary the joy of the rigeous abel.. and goes on for a like 5 or 6 parts.. my question is what does st mary have to do w/ all these old testement ppl.. like noah, abel.. etc.. does naybody now?? tahkns


  • hi mina,
    all these people from the old testment were waiting for the salvation that god promised adam.and this salvation was completed through st mary who gave birth to our lord who set us free from the prison of hell.
  • i no but y does it say the joy of rigrous abel.. or the wisdon of solomon??
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    i no but y does it say the joy of rigrous abel.. or the wisdon of solomon??

    well, about Abel, you can say that his joy in the old testment is when God accepted his sacrifice. and today we say about Christ

    "He who offered himself, as an acceptable sacrifice, upon the Cross, for the salvation of our race."

    So Christ was an acceptable sacrifice. and St.Mary was the mother of Christ. so do you see the connection.

    the wisdom of Solomon, i think it can be similer to how solomon was the wisent man alive, and today, we say about St.Mary that "the Father looked down from heaven, he found no one like you, He sent His only-begotten, who came and saved us."
    also she was a seed of DAvid the King, and Solomon was the son of David.
  • how about the other parts...
  • jeremiah and the other prophets profesied about her, like what we say in the Kiahk song 'ya meem reh yeh meem' 'O M.A.R.Y' - this song is great and explains some stuff too, not all but some

    like the joy of the righteous Abel, because he was waiting for salvation as they have said (shnoda n minagir)

    i wish i helped
  • she's the salvation of noah..cuz it risembles noah's ark and i think u got the rest!

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